Christian Unity

Christian Unity Octave: What Can I Do?

The Church asks all Christians to pray more intensely during the Christian Unity Octave, which lasts from January 18 to January 25, feast of the conversion of St Paul.


More resources for prayer

The St. Josemaria Institute Podcast is a new resource offering meditations, inspirational reflections, and readings to help you grow closer to God through the liturgical seasons, feast days, devotions, lives of the saints, and the events of everyday life, following St. Josemaria's teachings.

Talking to God


If Love, even human love, gives so much consolation here, what will Love not be in heaven?


Francis and Benedict: Continuity or Rupture?

Msgr. Mariano Fazio, the new Vicar General of Opus Dei talks about the dictatorship of relativism and the culture of waste, both pointed out by Pope Benedict and Pope Francis, respectively.

Articles and studies

Mount Tabor:
Basilica of the Transfiguration

From the earliest times the fertile Esdraelon plain in Galilee has been criss-crossed by paths and caravan trails. Travellers coming down from Mesopotamia and Syria, after following the shoreline of Lake Gennesareth. Those coming from the south, from Mount Hebron, following the route from Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Samaria, travelled northwards, passing close to Nazareth. The solitary peak of Mount Tabor towers over the plain.

Video testimonies

Coming back to the Faith and to happiness

Video. (Digito Identidad). A personal look at how we can find our faith through the example of our friends, taken from a DVD about marriage and family entitled “Take a chance on happiness”.

Questions & Answers

14 Questions about the Family

Answers offered by St Josemaria to questions about love in the family, family conflicts, parent-child relationships, raising children, and faith in the family.


Saxum, a peace project

Inspired by Saint Josemaria Escriva and Blessed Alvaro del Portillo, Saxum will help pilgrims to the Holy Land to enter into the life of Christ so that "we can close our eyes and contemplate his life, watching it like a movie".

Favours obtained through Saint Josemaria's intercession


No job prospects

I was unemployed for a very long time and with no job prospects. At a given moment I found the prayer to St Josemaria and decided to entrust my petitions to him. I prayed through his intercession every day.

Costa Rica


Thanks to St. Josemaria’s intercession I managed to complete my Masters degree and was awarded a Distinction. I hope for his miraculous intercession for the other favors I am begging of him.