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Our Lady of the Pillar

Feast of Our Lady of the Pillar. Saint Josemaría said of it: “My devotion to Our Lady of the Pillar began from the time when my parents infused it into each of their children with their Aragonese piety. Later on, while I was studying for the priesthood, and also when I was studying for a law degree at the University of Saragossa, I visited the shrine of Our Lady of the Pillar every day. In March 1925 I celebrated my first Mass in her holy chapel. It was to a simple statue of Our Lady of the Pillar I that confided my prayers for the Lord to grant me understanding of what I could sense in my soul. Domina, I would tell her in a Latin which, if not precisely classical, was adorned with great affection, ut sit! Lady, may it be! May whatever God wants come to be in me.”