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Josemaría was baptized in Barbastro on this date. He had a permanent memorial of that day in his house in Rome, because in 1957 the Cathedral Chapter and Bishop of Barbastro presented him with the stones of the baptismal font. Duly restored, the font was placed by the entrance to Our Lady of Peace, now the Church of the Prelature of Opus Dei, as a holy-water font. As he passed it he would often remark, “It was here that they made me a Christian.” He loved to recall his baptism and to meditate on receiving the gift of faith and the first presence in his soul of the Holy Spirit, who began to carry out his sanctifying work in a mysterious but effective way. Saint Josemaría wrote in The Forge: “When the Lord brought you into the Church he put an indelible mark upon your soul through Baptism: you are a son of God. Don't forget it.”