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St Josemaría wrote in his “Personal Notes”: “My Lady of the Kisses: I will end up eating her up!” Years later he explained: “I had an image of our Lady which the Communists stole from me during the Spanish Civil War. I called it the Virgin of the Kisses. I never went out or out of that first Residence of ours without first going to the Director’s room where that statue was, and kissing it. I don’t think I ever did it mechanically. It was a human kiss, the kiss of a son who is afraid… But I have said so often that I am not afraid of anyone or of anything, that we’d better not say afraid. It was the kiss of a son who was worried that he was too young and who went to seek in our Lady all the tenderness of her affection. I went to seek all the fortitude I needed in God, through the Blessed Virgin.”