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“A rich friend of mine once told me, ‘I don’t know whether I’m a good man or not, because I’ve never found myself jobless and broke, with my wife sick. I’ve never seen my children weak with hunger while I was jobless and broke. I’ve never had to sleep rough, in the streets, without even a blanket… I don’t know whether I’m a good man or not: what would I have done if all that had happened to me?’Look, we have to try and make sure that that doesn’t happen to anyone. We have to give people the training and education they need so that they can have at least a basic standard of living, and face old age and sickness without fear, and bring up their children, and so many other necessary things besides. Nothing that concerns other people should leave us indifferent, and wherever we are we have to work for charity and justice,” said Saint Josemaría during his stay in Venezuela from 4 to 15 February 1975.