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A priest and nothing but a priest

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The priestly ministry, especially in these times of great scarcity of clergy, is a terribly absorbing task which leaves no time for a “second job”. Men need us so much (though many do not realise it) that there will never be a surplus of priests. We need more helping hands, more time, more energy. This is why I often say to my sons who are priests that the day one of them noticed that he had time on his hands, he could be quite sure he had not lived his priesthood well that day.
Conversations with Msgr. Escrivá, 4

The Church needs priests, and always will. Ask the Blessed Trinity for them each day, through Holy Mary. And pray that they may be cheerful, hard-working, effective; that they may be well trained: and that they may sacrifice themselves joyfully for their brothers, without feeling that they are victims.
The Forge, 910

As he was giving out Holy Communion that priest felt like shouting out: “This is Happiness I am giving to you!”
The Forge, 267

Custody of the heart. That priest used to pray: “Jesus, may my poor heart be an enclosed garden; may my poor heart be a paradise wherein you dwell; may my Guardian Angel watch over it with a sword of fire and use it to purify every affection before it comes into me. Jesus, seal my poor heart with the divine seal of your Cross.”
The Forge, 412

Don’t look for consolations apart from God. See what that priest wrote: There should be no unburdening of your heart to any other friend when there is no need to do so.
The Forge, 428

There was a young priest who used to address Jesus with the words of the Apostles: “Edissere nobis parabolam, explain the parable to us.” He would add: “Master, put into our souls the clarity of your teaching, so that it may never be absent from our lives and our works. And so that we can give it to others.” You too should say this to Our Lord.
The Forge, 579

There was a priest who prayed in a moment of affliction: “Jesus, let whatever Cross You want come to me. I resolve here and now to receive it joyfully, and I bless it with all the richness of my blessing as a priest.”
The Forge, 775

To be a Christian, and in particular to be a priest — bearing in mind, too, that all of us who are baptized share in Christ’s priesthood — is to be at all times on the Cross.
The Forge, 882

How we should admire sacerdotal purity! It is their treasure. No tyrant can ever wrest this crown from the Church.
The Way, 71

I feel we priests are being asked to have the humility of learning not to be fashionable; of being, in fact, servants of the servants of God and making our own the cry of the Baptist: ‘He must increase, I must decrease’ (John 3:30), so as to enable ordinary Christians, the laity, to make Christ present in all sectors of society. One of the fundamental tasks of the priest is and always will be to give doctrine, to help individuals and society to become aware of the duties which the Gospel imposes on them, and to move men to discern the signs of the time. But all priestly work should be carried out with the maximum respect for the rightful freedom of consciences: every man ought to respond to God freely. And besides, every Catholic, as well as receiving help from the priest, also has lights of his own which he receives from God and a grace of state to carry out the specific mission which, as a man and as a Christian, he has received.
Conversations with Msgr. Escrivá, 59