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In the years immediately after Vatican II, interviews with Saint Josemaría appeared in various newspapers and magazines around the world, such as Time, Le Figaro, and The New York Times. In them the founder broached a number of topics, including the mission of the university, the role of women in the church and in society, and the nature and apostolates of Opus Dei.

Seven of these interviews, which reflect his supernatural sense, cordiality, love of freedom in defending ideals and in reaching out in dialogue, are collected in this volume, published in 1968. These are joined by the text of a famous homily, Passionately Loving the World, given by the founder on the campus of the University of Navarre in 1967.

Over 300,000 copies in 9 languages have been sold.

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The journalist German Yanke is an excellent raconteur with many years' radio experience. He talks about something he heard directly from his fellow-journalist Alberto Miguez, who once went to lunch with St Josemaria.