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Meeting with St Josemaria Escriva in Peru

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  St. Escriva: Questions & Answers in Cañete, Peru (July, 9 1974)

These are only excerpts of the question and answer portion of the meeting. It shows the fraternal and jovial nature of St. Escriva.

In July 1974, Saint Josemaría Escrivá was in Peru, where he had several informal meetings and get-togethers with people who worked on the land there. A meeting in Valle Grande (http://www.irvg.org/en.html).

Condoray (http://www.josemariaescriva.info/article/condoray-women92s-training-center) had been open since 1963. It is a women's training center situated 145 km from Lima, whose goal is to train people who can then stimulate development among other Cañete Valley families. In Condoray Saint Josemaría told them, among other things, «We have to work joyfully, enthusiastically. You can do that, partly because you are earning money and raising your family; but especially to please God, because work is prayer, work dignifies the worker.»

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