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More than receiving extra help

P.M., Macau

July 26, 2011

Tags: favours of the founder of Opus Dei
I was looking for extra help in the Language Centre in Macau where I work. Every year in July and August is busy with intensive English courses, so, we need an extra help in cleaning. The lady who cleans regularly in our school was helping me to look for another person, and she asked 3 to 4 persons, but they were not available. I was also looking but not successful. It was already June, and it was getting busier.
The cleaning lady and I agreed that we pray to St Josemaría. She even commented: “For sure, when we pray to him, we will find someone”. Then, I told her that I will try asking a lady whom I see in the church where I attended Mass.
Actually, two weeks before that, I had brief conversations with this lady after Mass and I learned that she was also doing cleaning services in other places (…). Since I did not know her well, I was not confident to ask her to clean in our school. But with St Josemaría, it was a matter of trying.
When I told her that we need extra help, she was so happy because one of the persons she works for, just left Macau the day before I asked her. This means she needs another place to work for financial needs. She found my request very timely.
After some days of cleaning in the school, she was invited to the centre of Opus Dei to attend a recollection. She agreed and brought her older sister (…).
Thanks to St Josemaría, not only did he grant the extra help in cleaning the Language Centre, but we also met two new friends who are getting to know St Josemaría.

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