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On the feast of Pentecost

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Dowload the Homily: "The Great Unknown" in pdf format, a homily given on Whit Sunday, May 25, 1969

God with you
Alone! You are not alone. We are keeping you close company from afar. Besides..., the Holy Spirit, living in your soul in grace – God with you – is giving a supernatural tone to all your thoughts, desires and actions.
The Way, 273

A sure way to be humble is to contemplate how, even without talents, fame or fortune, we can be effective instruments if we go to the Holy Spirit so that He may grant us his gifts.
The apostles, though they had been taught by Jesus for three years, fled in terror from the enemies of Christ. But after Pentecost they let themselves be flogged and imprisoned, and ended up giving their lives in witness to their faith.
Furrow, 283

Get to know God better
Invoke the Holy Spirit in your examination of conscience so that you may get to know God better, and yourself also. In this way you will be converted each day.
The Forge, 326

There are three important things you need to do to draw people to God. Forget yourself, and think only of the glory of your Father God. Subject your will filially to the Will of Heaven, as Jesus Christ taught you. Follow with docility the lights of the Holy Spirit.
Furrow, 793

This is what Our Lord wants, for we need it if we are to follow him closely. There is no other way. This is the work of the Holy Spirit in each soul – in yours. Be docile and present no obstacles to God, until he makes your poor flesh like that of Jesus on the Cross.
Furrow, 978

Listen to Him
Get to know the Holy Spirit, the great Unknown, on whom depends your sanctification.
Don’t forget that you are God’s temple. The Advocate is in the center of your soul: listen to Him and be docile to his inspirations.
The Way, 57

The Holy Spirit
Let us see how this truth applies to our daily lives. Let us describe, at least in general, the way of life which will bring us to know the Holy Spirit, and together with him, the Father and the Son; to develop a close relationship with the Paraclete.

We can fix our attention on three fundamental points: docility, life of prayer, and union with the cross.
First of all docility, because it is the Holy Spirit who, with his inspirations, gives a supernatural tone to our thoughts, desires and actions. It is he who leads us to receive Christ’s teaching and to assimilate it in a profound way. It is he who gives us the light by which we perceive our personal calling and the strength to carry out all that God expects of us. If we are docile to the Holy Spirit, the image of Christ will be formed more and more fully in us, and we will be brought closer every day to God the Father.

If we let ourselves be guided by this life-giving principle, who is the Holy Spirit in us, our spiritual vitality will grow. We will place ourselves in the hands of our Father God, with the same spontaneity and confidence with which a child abandons himself to his father’s care.

In the second place a life of prayer, because the giving of one’s self, the obedience and meekness of a Christian, are born of love and lead to love. And love leads to a personal relationship, to conversation and friendship. Christian life requires a constant dialogue with God, one in three persons, and it is to this intimacy that the Holy Spirit leads us.

And finally, union with the cross, because in the life of Christ the resurrection and Pentecost were preceded by Calvary. This is the order that must be followed in the life of any Christian. The Holy Spirit comes to us as a result of the cross - as a result of our total abandonment to the will of God, of seeking only his glory and renouncing ourselves completely.
Only when a man is faithful to grace and decides to place the cross in the center of his soul, denying himself for the love of God, detaching himself in a real way from all selfishness and false human security, only then - when a man lives by faith in a real way - will he receive the fullness of the great fire, the great light, the great comfort of the Holy Spirit.

It is then, too, that the soul begins to experience the peace and freedom which Christ has won for us, and which are given to us with the grace of the Holy Spirit.
Christ Is Passing By, 135-137

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