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School rehabilitation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Tags: Solidarity, Harambee
Promoter: Cecfor
Recipients: 100 students
Harambee Contribution: 33.000 euros

In 2008 a group of parents and education professionals have created the African Association for the Education and Training, as a non-profit association (asbl AFEDI). The purpose of AFEDI is to contribute to the education of the young Congolese through schools promoted by parents and approved by the Ministry of Education.

Currently AFEDI has established two schools: the Liziba high school and the Bozindo school. Both schools operate since September 2009 in temporary rented facilities. AFEDI has acquired a plot with an old building used for farming, on the outskirts of Kinshasa, it is foreseen to rehabilitate the buildings to house the school. Harambee will contribute with the teaching materials necessary to equip the school.

What can you do with your own contribution?
With 100 Euros per month you will support the training of 1 teacher. Total cost per year: 1,200 Euros.
-With 200 Euros per month you will support the training of 2 teacher. Total cost per year: 2,400 Euros.
-With 250 Euros you will support the cost of the didactic materials for a class room.
-With 2,000 Euros you will support the rehabilitation of a class room.

A story
Louis and Esther have seven children, six sons and one daughter. They both work to support their family and are very happy about the Bozinda school that three of their children go to. They are so pleased with the school that Louis is in charge of student transportation and Ester organizes various activities to get other parents involved. “The school is very important to us because our children are the first to benefit from it. The quality of teaching and attention to personal growth is excellent. People are not used to reading here in the Congo, and yet our two eldest children, Jean-Michele and Karol, have become very keen on reading thanks to the Bozinda library.

What’s more, there are many after school activities and the children are so happy they can’t wait to go to school every day." “Since we cannot afford to support the school,” Louis says, “we frequently organize fund-raising activities with the other parents. There were seven of us fathers on the last one.”

Ester adds, “The director said that we have a large piece of land available to us and that if we renovate the existing buildings, we could have even a bigger school with a soccer field and safer facilities". She concludes, “for me, the most important thing is that my children have changed. They are more helpful in general, they help one another and commit themselves to carrying out the small tasks we give them. They are much happier and this means more than anything for a mother".

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