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St Joseph’s name will henceforth be included in all the Eucharistic Prayers of the Mass

June 24, 2013

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The Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, by virtue of the faculties granted by the Supreme Pontiff, decrees that “the name of Saint Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary is henceforth to be added to Eucharistic Prayers II, III, and IV, as they appear in the third typical edition of the Roman Missal, after the name of the Blessed Virgin Mary.” The decree is dated May 1, 2013.

The decree highlights some of the virtues of St Joseph, Head of our Lord’s family, describing his paternal care for Jesus and for the Mother of God, and calling him a “Just man” and “heavenly patron of the universal Church”.

Read the complete text of the Decree here

St Josemaria’s joy in 1962
This calls to mind St Josemaria’s joy in 1962, when he heard the news that St Joseph would be included in the Roman Canon (Eucharistic Prayer I):

“When Pope John XXIII closed the first session of Vatican Council II and announced that the name of St Joseph was going to be included in the canon of the Mass, a very important churchman telephoned me to say, ‘Congratulations. Listening to the Pope’s announcement, I thought immediately of you and of how happy you’d be.’ And indeed I was happy, for in that conciliar gathering, which represented the whole Church brought together in the Holy Spirit, there was proclaimed the great supernatural value of St Joseph’s life, the value of an ordinary life of work done in God’s presence and in total fulfilment of his will” (Christ is Passing By, 44).
St Josemaria and Cardinal Larraona, in Rome.
St Josemaria and Cardinal Larraona, in Rome.

Venerable Alvaro del Portillo named the churchman concerned: “Devotion to the holy patriarch [St Joseph] was very deeply rooted in him […] and it was very well known. When Pope John XXIII decided to include St. Joseph in the canon of the Mass, Cardinal Larraona thought immediately of our founder; he phoned him to tell him the news and to congratulate him, certain that he would be thrilled.” St Josemaria “liked the pictures and statues of St. Joseph in which the saint is represented as having vigorous, virile features.” (Cavalleri and Del Portillo, Immersed in God, pp. 130 and 131.)

In one of his homilies, “In Joseph’s Workshop”, St Josemaria says of St Joseph: “I don’t agree with the traditional picture of St. Joseph as an old man, even though it may have been prompted by a desire to emphasize the perpetual virginity of Mary. I see him as a strong young man, perhaps a few years older than our Lady, but in the prime of his life and work” (Christ is Passing By, no. 40).

Read and listen to the homily “In Joseph’s Workshop” here