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Student: form yourself in a solid and active piety, be outstanding in study, have a strong desire for the ‘professional’ apostolate. And with that vigor of your religious and professional training, I promise you rapid and far-reaching developments.
The Way, 346

You pray, you deny yourself, you work in a thousand apostolic activities, but you don’t study. You are useless then unless you change.
Study–professional training of whatever type it be–is a grave obligation for us.
The Way, 334

An hour of study, for a modern apostle, is an hour of prayer.
The Way, 335

You have a war-horse called study. You resolve a thousand times to make good use of your time, yet you are distracted by the slightest thing. Sometimes you get annoyed at yourself, because of your lack of willpower, even though you begin again every day.
Have you tried offering up your study for specific apostolic intentions?
Furrow, 523

Whenever your will weakens in your ordinary work, you must recall these thoughts: “Study, work, is an essential part of my way. If I were discredited professionally as a consequence of my laziness it would make my work as a Christian useless or impossible. To attract and to help others, I need the influence of my professional reputation, and that is what God wants.”
Never doubt that if you abandon your task, you are going away from God’s plans and leading others away from them.
Furrow, 781

You must study ... but that is not enough.
What do those who kill themselves working to feed their self-esteem achieve? Or those who have nothing else in mind but assuring peace of mind for a few years ahead?
One has to study – to gain the world and conquer it for God. Then we can raise the level of our efforts: we can try to turn the work we do into an encounter with the Lord and the foundation to support those who will follow our way in the future.
In this way, study will become prayer.
Furrow, 526

Be convinced of this: your apostolate consists in spreading goodness, light, enthusiasm, generosity, a spirit of sacrifice, constancy in work, deep study, complete self-surrender, being up-to-date, cheerful and complete obedience to the Church, and perfect charity.
Nobody can give what he does not have.
Furrow, 927

Sancta Maria, Sedes Sapientiae – Holy Mary, Seat of Wisdom. Invoke Our Mother often in that way, so that she may fill her children, in their study, work and social relations, with the Truth that Christ has brought to us.
Furrow, 607

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