Saint Josemaria
Quotations from Saint Josemaria

Working with love

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Do everything for love

You are ambitious: for knowledge, for leadership, for great ventures.
Good. Very good. But let it be for Christ, for Love.
The Way, no. 24

Do everything for Love. Thus there will be no little things: everything will be big. Perseverance in little things for Love is heroism.
The Way, no. 813

If you are faithful you will conquer

If you are faithful you will be able to count yourself a conqueror.
Even though you may lose some battles in your life, you will not know defeat. You can be sure that there is no such thing as failure, if you act with purity of intention and with a desire to fulfil the Will of God.
And then, whether you win or lose, you will always triumph in the end, because you will have carried out your work with Love.
The Forge, no. 199

I have seen many people live heroic lives for God without leaving their own place of work, and I have come to this conclusion: for a Catholic work is not just a matter of fulfilling a duty – it is to love: to excel oneself gladly in duty and in sacrifice.
Furrow, no. 527

Go about your professional duties for Love’s sake. Do everything for the sake of Love and (precisely because you are in love, even though you may taste the bitterness of misunderstanding, of injustice, of ingratitude and even of failure in men’s eyes) you will see the result in the wonders that your work produces – rich, abundant fruit, the promise of eternity!
Friends of God, no. 68

You have had the good fortune to find real teachers, authentic friends, who have taught you everything you wanted to know without holding back. You have had no need to employ any tricks to steal their knowledge, because they led you along the easiest path, even though it had cost them a lot of hard work and suffering to discover it... Now it is your turn to do the same, with one person, and another – with everyone!
Furrow, no. 733

Place on your desk, in your room, in your wallet... a picture of Our Lady, and look at it when you begin your work, while you are doing it, and when you finish it. She will obtain, I assure you, the strength for you to turn your task into a loving dialogue with God.
Furrow, no. 531

To contribute to the well-being of others

Human service and technique, our knowledge of our job, should have a feature which was basic to St Joseph’s work and should be so for every Christian: the spirit of service, the desire to contribute to the well-being of other people. Joseph’s work was not self-centred, even though his active life made him a strong and forceful personality. When he worked, he was aware that he was carrying out God’s will; he was thinking of his people, of Jesus and Mary, and of everyone in Nazareth.
Joseph was one of the few craftsmen in Nazareth, if not the only one – a carpenter perhaps. But, as normally happens in villages, he must have felt called upon to turn his attention to other things: fixing a mill that was not working or, with the coming of winter, repairing the tiles of a roof. I am sure Joseph knew how to lend a hand in many difficulties, with work well done. His skilled work was in the service of others, to brighten the lives of other families in the town; and with a smile, a friendly word, a passing quip, he would restore confidence and happiness to those in danger of losing them.
Christ is Passing By, no 51

When you start out each day to work by Christ’s side and to look after all those souls who seek him, remember that there is only one way of doing it: we must turn to the Lord.
Only in prayer, and through prayer, do we learn to serve others!
The Forge, no. 72

Some people act out of prejudice in their work: on principle they trust nobody, and it goes without saying that they do not understand the need to seek to sanctify their job. If you mention it to them they tell you not to add another burden to their own work, which they put up with reluctantly as if they were supporting a heavy weight.
That is one of the battles of peace we have to win: to find God in our work and, with Him and like Him, serve others.
Furrow, 520

Those who enjoy privilege thanks to money, ancestry, rank, position or intelligence... and abuse it by humiliating those who are less fortunate, show that they are fatuous and proud.
Furrow, no. 702

We are not good brothers to our fellow men if we are not ready to continue behaving correctly, even when those around us may interpret our actions badly or react in an unpleasant manner.
The Forge, no. 460

You too have a professional vocation which spurs you on. Well, that spur is the hook to fish for men.
Rectify your intention, then, and be sure you acquire the highest professional standing you can for the service of God and of souls. The Lord counts on this too.
Furrow, no. 491

As a student, you should dedicate yourself to your books with an apostolic spirit, and be convinced in your heart that one hour added to another already make up – even now! – a spiritual sacrifice offered to God and profitable for all mankind, your country and your soul.
Furrow, no. 522

If we look at ourselves humbly, we will see clearly that, in addition to his gift of faith, Our Lord has also granted us a number of talents and qualities. None of us has been mass-produced. Our Father has created us one by one and shared out different goods among his children. It is up to us to use these talents, these qualities, in the service of all men. We are called to use the gifts God has given us as instruments to help others discover Christ.
Friends of God, no. 258

Sow peace by working

For the love of God, for the love of souls, and to live up to our Christian vocation, we must set a good example. So as not to give scandal, or to provoke even the faintest suspicion that the children of God are soft and useless, so as not to disedify..., you must strive to show an example of balanced justice, to behave properly as responsible men. The farmer who ploughs his field while constantly raising his heart to God, just as much as the carpenter, the blacksmith, the office worker, the academic – all Christians in fact – have to be an example for their colleagues at work. And this without conceit, since we realise very clearly in our hearts that only with God’s help can we secure the victory, for by ourselves alone we could not even lift a piece of straw from the ground. Therefore, everyone, in his job, in whatever place he has in society, must feel obliged to make his work God’s work, sowing everywhere the peace and joy of the Lord. ‘The perfect Christian is always a bearer of peace and joy. Peace, because he realises he is in the presence of God; joy, because he sees himself surrounded by God’s blessings. Such a Christian is truly a royal personage, a holy priest of God.’
Friends of God, no. 70

I don’t doubt your good intentions. I know that you act in the presence of God. But (and there is a ‘but’), your actions are witnessed or may be witnessed by men who judge by human standards... And you must set them a good example.
The Way, no. 275

But don’t forget that you are also in the presence of men, and that they expect from you, from you personally, a Christian witness. Thus, as regards the human aspect of our job, we must work in such a way that we will not feel ashamed when those who know us and love us see us at our work, nor give them cause to feel embarrassed. If you work in the spirit that I am trying to teach you, you will not embarrass those who rely on you, nor will you have any cause to blush. You will not be like the man in the parable who set out to build a tower: ‘When he had laid the foundations and was unable to finish, all who beheld him began to mock him, saying, “This man began to build and was not able to finish”.’
Friends of God, no. 66

All the glory for God

I advise you not to look for praise, even when you deserve it. It is better to pass unnoticed, and to let the most beautiful and noble aspects of our actions, of our lives, remain hidden. What a great thing it is to become little! Deo omnis gloria! All the glory to God!
The Forge, no. 1051
Don’t you realize that you are always in the presence of the Great King, God, your

Give ‘all’ the glory to God. ‘Squeeze’ out each one of your actions with your will aided by grace, so that there remains in them nothing that smacks of human pride, of self-complacency.
The Way, no. 784

Children... How they seek to behave worthily in the presence of their parents.
And the children of kings, in the presence of their father the king, how they seek to uphold the royal dignity!
And you? Don’t you realize that you are always in the presence of the great King, God, your Father?
The Way, no. 265

We will dedicate all the exertions of our life, great and small, to the honour of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
I am moved when I recall the work of those brilliant professionals – two engineers and two architects – cheerfully moving furniture into a student residence. When they had put a blackboard into a classroom, the first thing those four artists wrote was: Deo omnis gloria! All the glory to God!
Jesus, I know that this pleased you greatly.
The Forge, no. 611

Any job, no matter how hidden, no matter how insignificant, when offered to the Lord, is charged with the strength of God’s life!
The Forge, no. 49