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What have the Popes said about Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei?

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Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI
Benedict XVI: Those who have discovered Christ must bring others to him too, given that a great joy should not be kept for oneself but passed on. This is the task to which the Lord calls you; this is the "apostolate of friendship" that St Josemaría, Founder of Opus Dei, described as "a "personal' friendship, self-sacrificing and sincere: face to face, heart to heart" (Furrow, n. 191). Every Christian is asked to be a friend of God and with God's grace, attract his own friends to him. In this way, apostolic love becomes an authentic passion that is expressed in communicating to others the happiness to be found in Jesus.

Again, it is St Josemaría who reminds you of some key words in your spiritual itinerary: "Communion, union, conversation, confidence: Word, Bread, Love" (The Way, n. 535), the important words that express the essential milestones on our way.

John Paul II: “A clear manifestation of divine Providence is the constant presence of men and women faithful to Christ down the centuries, who with their life and their message, shed light on various periods of history. Among these distinguished figures, Blessed Josemaria has an eminent place. As I had occasion to stress on the day of his beatification, he reminded the contemporary world of the universal call to holiness and of the Christian value which professional work can have in the ordinary life of each person”. (Address to the participants of the Congress on the teachings of Blessed Josemaria, October 14, 1993)

John Paul I: “Msgr. Escriva, with Gospel in hand, constantly taught: ‘Christ does not want us simply to be good, he wants us to be saints through and through. However, he wants us to attain that sanctity not by doing extraordinary things, but rather, through ordinary common activities. It is the way that they are done which must be uncommon’. There, nel bel mezzo della strada (in the middle of the street), in the office, in the factory, we can be holy provided we do our job competently, for love of God, and cheerfully, so that everyday work does not become ‘a daily tragedy’, but rather ‘a daily smile’”. (Il Gazzettino, Venice, 25-VII-1978)

Paul VI and Saint Josemaria (1965)
Paul VI and Saint Josemaria (1965)
Paul VI: “We have seen in your words the vibrancy of the generous and enlightened spirit of the whole Institution, born in our times as an expression of the perennial youth of the Church (…). We consider with paternal satisfaction all that Opus Dei has done and continues to do for the kingdom of God: the desire to do good that guides it, the ardent love for the Church and its visible head which characterizes it, the ardent zeal for souls which leads it along the difficult and arduous paths of the apostolate of presence and witness in all sectors of contemporary life”.

Pius XII: “He was a true saint, a man sent by God for our times.”