Living through Holy Week with St Josemaria

Living Holy Week means entering ever more deeply into the logic of God, into the logic of the Cross, which is not primarily that of suffering and death, but rather that of love and of the gift of self which brings life. To contemplate the Holy Week through the Gospel, you can download passages by St. Josemaría, in pdf and epub.

In the footprints of our Faith

Articles and studies

Jerusalem: the “Upper Room” or Cenacle

Now before the feast of the Passover, when Jesus knew that his hour had come to depart out of this world to the Father, having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them to the end.

Articles and studies

Jerusalem: the Holy Sepulcher

There are many places in the Holy Land which preserve the record of our Lord’s life on earth and these places have been rightly venerated down through the centuries. However, none can compare with the Holy Sepulcher...

Articles and studies

Jerusalem: Calvary

The Ninth Station of the Via Dolorosa left us very close to Calvary. So far we have been following Jesus as he carries his Cross, along the route traced out by tradition and popular Christian piety... Download pdf.


The Prelate urges us to prepare ourselves very well for Holy Week

In his pastoral letter for April 2014, Bishop Javier Echevarria, following the teachings of St Josemaria and Bishop Alvaro del Portillo, suggests having devout recourse to the Sacrament of Reconciliation and helping others to do so.


What St. Josemaría's The Way means to me

St. Josemaría Escrivá's The Way has had a large positive impact on my life – so much so that I have made the book a part of my daily spiritual reading. The book prepares me for the day and to help live out the day from the heart of my faith. With that confidence I know that I will be able to maintain my unity of life each day. I don't have to worry about drifting off into a double life.


Visit Rome, following the footsteps of St Josemaría

St Josemaria is a good guide to the many places in Rome that he himself visited to draw faith from the witness of the early Christians. This collection reveals the main traces of the history of the Catholic Church that are to be found in Rome, the Eternal City. Download in epub format.

Articles and studies

St Josemaria’s book The Way of the Cross – Foreword

“Enter into the wounds of Christ Crucified.” When Monsignor Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer proposed this way, to those who asked him for advice on how to deepen their interior life, he was doing no more than pass on his own experience, pointing out the short cut he had been using throughout his life, and which led him to the highest peaks of spiritual life.


A place of sanctification

"The faithful and generous readiness of priests to hear confessions, following the example of great saints of history, from St. John Mary Vianney to St. John Bosco, from St. Josemaría Escrivá to St. Pio di Pietralcina, from St. Joseph Cafasso to St. Leopold Mandić, is an indication for all of us of how the confessional can be a real 'place' of sanctification"


Canonized 9 years after his death

The imminent canonization of John Paul II, together with John XXIII, brings to mind his reputation for holiness when he died.
The Vatican has published some details of the ceremony to be held on 27 April in St Peter’s Square. On Saturday 26 April eleven churches in Rome will be open from 21:00 onwards, so that pilgrims can pray and receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

Questions & Answers

Why go to Confession?

“Forgiveness is asked for, is asked of another, and in Confession we ask for forgiveness from Jesus. Forgiveness is not the fruit of our own efforts but rather a gift, it is a gift of the Holy Spirit who fills us with the wellspring of mercy and of grace that flows unceasingly from the open heart of the Crucified and Risen Christ.” Pope Francis, Audience, 19.2.2014

From Rome

Pope issues first Apostolic Exhortation: Evangelii Gaudium

Pope Francis has issued his first Apostolic Exhortation on Tuesday, Evangelii Gaudium, translated into English as The Joy of the Gospel. The 224-page document outlines the Pope’s vision for a missionary Church, whose “doors should always be open”.

Favours obtained through Saint Josemaria's intercession


A prayer-card by the steering-wheel

I run a pre-cooked meals business for caterers. Winter sales are always bad as many places close down outside the tourist season. One month ago I had no money for fresh supplies. I could not even get the transport agency to collect a consignment, because I couldn’t pay them.
I prayed to St. Josemaria to help me over this bad time.


The Car Mechanics

I’ve grown up knowing and relating to St Josemaria, because at home, my parents said the prayer-card to Josemaria Escriva every evening.


Speak to you soon about more favors!

I thought I had cancer of the face, as this was what the doctors gave me to understand when I came out of radiology. I prayed hard to Saint Josemaria that the biopsy they took of the nodule would be OK.