Novena for a
Happy and Faithful Marriage

A new Novena based on Saint Josemaria's writings is available in pdf and printed format. Intended for both married and engaged couples, it presents the sacrament of marriage as a "true path to holiness, an image of Christ's spousal love for his Church."


How Could I Not Bless Human Love?

Video. “I bless human love with both of my hands as a priest,” said St. Josemaría. He also recommended that spouses argue as little as possible and always make up at the end, asking one another for forgiveness.

April 23th

Josemaria’s First Holy Communion

When he was 10, Josemaria received Jesus into his soul for the first time. It was April 23. From early in the morning his Guardian Angel had been whispering in his ear, prompting him to say the prayer he had learned beforehand to prepare for his first Holy Communion.

Questions & Answers

How can I receive Jesus well in Holy Communion?

“Dear friends, we won’t ever thank the Lord enough for the gift he has given us in the Eucharist! It is a very great gift and that is why it is so important to go to Mass on Sunday. Go to Mass not just to pray, but to receive Communion, the bread that is the Body of Jesus Christ who saves us, forgives us, unites us to the Father. It is a beautiful thing to do!” (Pope Francis, Audience, 5 February 2014)


St Josemaria
is Cured of Diabetes

On April 27th, 1954, feast of our Lady of Montserrat, after having something like a severe allergic reaction, St Josemaria was cured inexplicably (according to medical opinion) of the diabetes which he had suffered from for several years.


"The Way of the Cross" in Vietnamese

The 3rd book by Saint Josemaria translated into Vietnamese, it was published in Ho Chi Minh City just in time for Holy Week 2015.


Incontro Romano Celebrates
25th Anniversary at Eataly

This past Tuesday (31 March 2015), the Incontro Romano celebrated it's 25th international Congress at Rome's Eataly on the theme of "The Power of Service: Empathy and Teamwork".

Talking to God

To be filled with happiness

During Easter-time, Christian life is characterized by the message of joy. St Josemaria's advice helps us find it: "You enjoy an interior happiness and peace that you would not exchange for anything in the world. God is here. There is no better way than telling him our woes for them to cease being such."


Citizens who value love

Vittorio G. Marriage is such an important step that it requires careful preparation, following the sort of advice Saint Josemaria gave to young people setting out on this path.


Love for religious brothers and sisters

2015 is the Year of Consecrated Life in the Church. St Josemaría always loved and venerated the religious. A hand-written note of his, addressed to members of Opus Dei, says: “A great mission of ours is to bring people to love the religious.”

Favours obtained through Saint Josemaria's intercession


A job for my son

I give thanks to Father Josemaria for the favor received. I prayed through his intercession for a job for my son, and he has received a call offering him a place. Thank you!


Novena for Work

Ever since I first heard about him, around 1990, Saint Josemaria has brought me closer to Jesus and Mary in my work. I listened to some of his meditations and teachings. I have been sick for two years and undergoing chemo for a rare disease, which very few people in the world suffer from.