Talking to God

Working with love

"If we look at ourselves humbly, we will see clearly that, in addition to his gift of faith, Our Lord has also granted us a number of talents and qualities. None of us has been mass-produced. Our Father has created us one by one and shared out different goods among his children. It is up to us to use these talents, these qualities, in the service of all men. We are called to use the gifts God has given us as instruments to help others discover Christ." St Josemaria.


Prayer to St. John Paul II

On October 22, the Church celebrate St. John Paul II`s feast. Download the prayer-card to request favors through his intercession.

The Pope speaks to the Synod Fathers:

We walk a path together

(VIS). At the end of the fifteenth and final general congregation, and after the votes had been cast, Pope Francis addressed the Synod Fathers, affirming that during these two weeks the participants in the Third Extraordinary General Assembly have truly experienced synodality, a path of solidarity, a “journey together”.

Talking to God

10 questions about marriage

St Josemaria answers ten questions about love, marriage, engagement, faithfulness, raising children, and more. What is the basis of family unity? What about married couples who can’t have children?

The Prelate of Opus Dei for the beatification of Paul VI

"Let us ask Paul VI for all the families in the world"

"I go to the new Blessed asking him to infuse in all Catholics this same affection, both human and filled with faith, for the Vicar of Christ, now Pope Francis."


Novena for the family to St Josemaria

On Sunday, Pope Francis asked the pilgrims not to forget to pray in the upcoming days for the Synod on the Family. The Novena for Families to St Josemaria can help to follow the Pope's invitation and pray for all families around the world.

October: Month of the Holy Rosary

What is the Holy Rosary?

On October 7th, the Church celebrates the feast day of Mary, Queen of the Holy Rosary. “The Rosary, my son, is a prayer that is very pleasing to our holy Mother Mary,” said St Josemaria Escriva to a young man who asked him about the meaning of the Rosary.

Pope Paul VI and St Josemaria

First visit to Centro ELIS

I still have a very vivid memory of the visit of Pope Paul VI to the Centro ELIS on its opening day, said Alvaro del Portillo, the Pope stayed well beyond the time planned for the visit, he celebrated Mass, and attentively visited the various parts of the Centro.

Pope Paul VI and St Josemaria

First audience granted by Pope Paul VI to Opus Dei founder

January 24, 1964. When Msgr Escriva entered the room he started to kneel down to greet the Pope, as the current protocol required. But Pope Paul would not let him: he came forward and, opening wide his arms, gave him an affectionate welcoming embrace.


A joyful, crowded 21st century pilgrimage

If religion is on the wane it is was not evident in Madrid or Rome earlier this month. Recently the Pew Research Centre reported that nearly three-quarters of the American public sees the influence of religion waning. The headline, which I saw on my phone a couple of weeks later, made me smile because I was on my way home from a religious event celebrated in Madrid and Rome that drew around 200,000 people to the Spanish capital and 15,000 to the Eternal City.

John F. Coverdale

October 16, 1931,
in a Madrid streetcar

I learned to call God “Father” as a child in the Our Father. But to feel, to see, to admire God’s desire that we be his children…, that was on the street, in a streetcar, for an hour or an hour and a half, I’m not sure. “Abba, Pater!” I had to shout. From the book Uncommon Faith: The Early Years of Opus Dei.

Favours obtained through Saint Josemaria's intercession


In a fortnight

My brother had been unemployed for a year. I prayed to St. Josemaria for him to find a job. Within a fortnight: favour granted.


A job

I had been looking for a job without finding one for 8 months, when I started the novena to Saint Josemaria, backing it up by saying the rosary. On the fourth day of my novena I got a good job. I am very grateful indeed.