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Christian Parents

St Josemaría learned the first lessons of Christian life, of joyful service to others, in his life with his parents: José Escriva and Dolores Albas.


The Saints Change
the Course of History

On St Josemaría's feast, Cardinal Seán O'Malley, Archbishop of Boston noted that "St. Josemaría left everything, casting aside fear and followed God's plan." We offer some excerpts of the homily given on June 20, 2015, Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Boston.

Talking to God

You are God’s and God is Yours

Divine filiation is at the foundation of St. Josemaria's teachings. We offer some texts to meditate on God's love for each person.
"I do not know how it strikes you…, but I feel I must tell you how moved I am whenever I read the words of the prophet Isaiah: I have called you, you are mine! It is enough to make one go mad with Love!"


The Church is Like a Basketball Team?

"The favorite sport of most Filipinos is basketball; whether local (PBA) or American (NBA). For each team, though composed of about ten members, only five are playing in the court. And each player has a role or function. The team will likely win if they play their roles well. But if any player doesn’t do his role or function, the team will likely lose," said Bishop Francisco de Leon, Manila (Philipines), on the liturgical feast day of St. Josemaria Escriva. We offer some excerpts of the homily.


My Life Opened to
the Beauty of Life Itself

Gina Garcia danced ballet professionally for years and is now a home-maker, a part-time ballet teacher, and also teaches Parenting Education courses as a volunteer. On raising kids, she says, "The greatest challenge is in reminding ourselves that these are the children we taught to think and encouraged to express their ideas. We need to listen to their ideas and open our own minds to different perspectives"

Talking to God

Please, Thank you, and I’m sorry
Three Keywords for Married Couples

Following Pope Francis' teachings, we offer some quotations from St. Josemaria about marriage and how husband and wife can ensure that their love always stays as young and joyful as it was on the first day.


Novena for a
Happy and Faithful Marriage

A publication from the St. Josemaria Institute, based on Saint Josemaria's writings is available in pdf and printed format. Intended for both married and engaged couples, it presents the sacrament of marriage as a "true path to holiness, an image of Christ's spousal love for his Church."

Questions & Answers

What are the Works of Mercy?

Pope Francis has announced a Jubilee Year of Mercy, and asks the faithful to practise the works of mercy during this year. What are they? Download pdf, epub and kindle.

Favours obtained through Saint Josemaria's intercession

Hong Kong

Thanks to St Josemaria’s

I was baptised in Hong Kong, in 2011, after many years of guidance from my husband. After he had completed this “mission”, he passed away in that same year. Since I had to take care of my little son by myself, together with my busy work life, my health deteriorated, as well as my eyes and my immune system.


A Scholarship

I would like to give thanks with all my heart for the favor my daughter has received through Saint Josemaria’s intercession: she won a scholarship to be able to study at a well-known private secondary school. We are both very grateful for this favour.


A Job at the Age of 52

I am 52 and some time ago I lost my job. I spent 4 years looking for a job opportunity. Sometimes I found something but always far below what I am qualified for, which left me feeling very dissatisfied. I began to pray to St. Josemaria and after a month I met someone who helped me.