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Listening to St. Josemaria in English

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A US website offers CDs and MP3s of St. Josemaria’s works as well as the Gospels and much more – and it all started from tackling a personal problem head-on. Mary Ann Budnik, an author in her own right, explains:

"When my husband and I moved to Central Illinois from the Chicago suburbs we found ourselves traveling hundreds of miles for spiritual formation, to see family and for shopping. To better use that “drive time” we decided to put spiritual reading and scripture on audio tapes. We asked permission of Scepter and Four Courts (publishers of Catholic books and writings of the founder of Opus Dei) then began a search for great listening voices. It’s a time-consuming task to record a book, and many men would begin but gave up because of the time commitment. Christ is Passing By took a couple of years to record.

Despite these setbacks, over the past 15 years we were able to produce the audio versions of Christ is Passing By, Friends of God and The Way of the Cross by St. Josemaria Escriva. In addition we have the Navarre Bible editions of St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke and St. John.

When we moved to South Florida two years ago, Virginia, a friend from the Chicago suburbs who also moved to South Florida, introduced us to Frank Castiglione, a reader from her parish. Virginia thought Frank had a great voice for recording – and he does! He immediately set to work recording The Way and Furrow by St. Josemaria, and is presently working on The Forge. Frank’s presentation of St. Josemaria’s writings is outstanding. You can sample excerpts on our website,

With rapid technical advancement the audio tapes gave way to CDs and MP3s which can be downloaded directly from our website at This enables busy English-speaking people around the world to listen to St. Josemaria’s writings as they travel, do chores, or wait for appointments. Partially-sighted or blind people are also benefiting from his writings in this manner. In addition, excerpts are played on Catholic radio stations and on various internet sites. The solution of a personal problem turned into a help for many people. Maybe that’s why God shipped us down to Springfield, Illinois!"

Mary Ann Budnik

Listen to Audio files of St Josemaria’s voice