Josemaria Escriva. Founder of Opus Dei - On this day Life and teachings of Saint Josemaria day by day <![CDATA[1934.3.1]]> “These are notes which I use to help me in guiding and forming young people,” said Saint Josemaría to Bishop Cruz Laplana of Cuenca on this date. As a result of this meeting he decided to have his book “Spiritual Considerations” published by the Imprenta Moderna de Cuenca, which brought out a first edition of 500 copies. The book would afterwards become The Way.]]> <![CDATA[1940.2.29]]> St Josemaria was in Valladolid during one of his apostolic trips through Spain. Throughout the year 1940 he made one trip after another, with growing frequency, in cold, rickety trains or along roads in a state of disrepair, going to Valencia, Saragossa, Valladolid, Barcelona, and Salamanca. On arriving at their destination, St Josemaria and the people with him would book in at a modest hotel and set off to meet or make friends. St Josemaria spoke tirelessly to anyone capable of grasping it, about the ideal of holiness amidst life’s ordinary occupations, which was the motive of his life from October 2, 1928 onwards ]]> <![CDATA[1919.2.28]]> Saint Josemaría’s younger brother, Santiago Escrivá, was born on this date. “In answer to my prayers, and although my parents hadn’t had any more children for several years and were no longer young, in answer to my prayers, I’ll say again, God our Lord (just nine or ten months after I prayed for it) gave me another brother. I had prayed specifically for a brother,” said Saint Josemaría.]]> <![CDATA[1975.2.27]]> Saint Josemaría stopped in Spain on his way back to Rome after his last trip to Central and South America. He died in June that same year. “During his last months on earth he repeated more intensely an aspiration which was always on his lips: ‘Thy face, O Lord, shall I seek! I only want to see your face, to seek your face!’ He also often used to say: ‘Everything is for the best,’ everything that happens should lead us to God. Those were his dispositions when death took him,” said Bishop Javier Echevarría in the book Memoria del Beato Josemaría.]]> <![CDATA[1966.2.26]]> Saint Josemaría left Naples on his way to Greece with Don Alvaro del Portillo. In Athens and Corinth they visited the places where, according to tradition, Saint Paul had preached. Saint Josemaría remarked, “This may or may not be the actual place; there’s nothing gained or lost if it isn’t. But at the end of the day you gain if you let the place bring you closer to God. We made a spiritual communion there and prayed for all the future apostolate in Greece. If Saint Paul was ever on this very spot, great; and if not, great: that’s the least important question.”]]> <![CDATA[1932.2.25]]> “Jesus, whatever you want, I love!” wrote Saint Josemaría, adding straight away: “Lord, if it is your will, turn my poor flesh into a Crucifix.”]]> <![CDATA[1934.2.24]]> “If you see your way clearly, follow it. Why don't you shake off the cowardice that holds you back?” wrote Saint Josemaría on this date in his personal notes.]]> <![CDATA[1975.2.23]]> Saint Josemaría blessed hundreds of people who had gone to the airport in Guatemala to see him off, just before his departure. Many had been unable to meet him during his stay because he had been ill. He said, “I was really sorry not to be able to spend time with you. Patience! At first it made me sad, but now I’m happy. I’ve offered it all up for the apostolate in Central America.”]]> <![CDATA[1932.2.22]]> From the very start of Opus Dei Saint Josemaría set up meetings with priests which he used to call “Monday Conferences”. The first of them took place on this day in 1932.]]> <![CDATA[1938.2.21]]> During a journey he stopped off at the Basilica of Our Lady of Pilar in Saragossa. Years later, recalling the time he spent in the seminary there, he said, “Although I’m now far from there, neither the shrine nor Our Lady of Pilar will ever fade from my memory. I still treat her with a son’s love. With the same faith with which I invoked her in those days, in the nineteen-twenties, when our Lord made me sense what he was expecting of me: with that same faith I invoke her now.”]]>