Josemaria Escriva. Founder of Opus Dei - On this day Life and teachings of Saint Josemaria day by day <![CDATA[1941.5.4]]> “I don’t have any tears left for crying: Our Lord has asked of me my good name and my mother. I think I’ve given them to him with all my heart. The body, at times, gives out, but deep in my soul I constantly experience the truth of those words we read in today’s Gospel, et gaudium vestrum nemo tollet a vobis, and no-one will take your joy from you,” wrote Saint Josemaría to Bishop Leopoldo Eijo y Garay of Madrid, after the death of his mother on April 22 that year.]]> <![CDATA[1969.5.3]]> “I hope for spiritual fruits: graces which our Lord will grant, in his kindness, to those who come to the shrine to venerate his blessed Mother. Those are the miracles I want to see: conversion and peace for many souls.” Saint Josemaría was speaking of the projected shrine of Torreciudad, Huesca, Spain, in an interview published on this date.]]> <![CDATA[1935.5.2]]> Saint Josemaría went on a pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady of Sonsoles. He described it later: “As we walked from Avila, we kept our eyes fixed on the shrine, and, naturally, when we reached the foot of the hill, it disappeared from view. (…) This is what God often does with us. He gives us a clear sight of the end of our journey, and allows us to fix our gaze upon it, in order to set our feet firmly on the path of his most lovable will. And then, when we get near him, he leaves us in darkness, seemingly abandoning us. (…) Away with doubts, vacillations and indecision! I have seen the way, I set out on it, and I am following it.” The First Pilgrimage]]> <![CDATA[Saint Joseph the Worker]]> Feast of Saint Joseph the Worker. “Saint Joseph's work was not self-centred, even though his active life made him a strong and forceful personality. When he worked, he was aware that he was carrying out God's will; he was thinking of his people, of Jesus and Mary, and of everyone in Nazareth” (Christ is Passing By, 51). St. Josemaría's Writings: St. Joseph]]> <![CDATA[1968.4.30]]> “In this month of May which begins tomorrow I would like each of us to begin to offer one little extra sacrifice: a bit more study, finishing off a piece of work better, a smile[...]”]]> <![CDATA[Saint Catherine of Siena]]> Feast of Saint Catherine of Siena. “The Catholic Church is Roman. I savour that word, Roman! I feel completely Roman, since Roman means universal, catholic.”]]> <![CDATA[1932.4.28]]> “My God, I love you, but... oh teach me to love!” wrote Saint Josemaría in his “Personal Notes” on this date.]]> <![CDATA[1954.4.27]]> Feast of Our Lady of Montserrat. On this date Saint Josemaría suffered an anaphylactic shock and began, quite inexplicably, to recover from the diabetes he had had for the past ten years [...]]]> <![CDATA[1934.4.26]]> St Josemaría wrote to Fr. Francisco Moran, Vicar General of the Madrid diocese, about the spiritual retreat he was going to give [...]]]> <![CDATA[1932.4.25]]> Saint Josemaría wrote: “Why look around if you carry ‘your world’ within you?”. This would later be included in The Way.]]>