Josemaria Escriva. Founder of Opus Dei - On this day Life and teachings of Saint Josemaria day by day <![CDATA[1975.2.11]]> Our Lady of Lourdes. “You and I, who call ourselves Christians, who are brothers and sisters of Christ and children of our Lady, have to live lives that are as clean as possible, so that we may resemble that elder Brother and that Mother. I hope for that for you, and I’m asking our Lord, and our Lady of Lourdes for it, for myself,” said Saint Josemaría on this feast-day in 1975, when he was in Caracas, Venezuela. ]]> <![CDATA[1907.2.10]]> Saint Josemaría’s sister Lolita was born today. She died just five years later. In 1975, Saint Josemaría was awarded a gold medal by Barbastro Town Council. In his speech of thanks, he said: “During the years I have lived in Rome, the eternal city, the See of Peter, and also when the apostolate led me to travel far and wide, the memory of Barbastro and its people has always stayed with me. I remember so many names of people connected with the family which God’s loving Providence deigned to bestow on me. My most fervent prayers go with those who have departed this life; I pray that the Lord may already have granted them the gift of everlasting happiness.”]]> <![CDATA[1975.2.9]]> “My children, those words ‘I have come to set fire to the earth!’ should enkindle our very souls. And we have to be firmly resolved to tell our Lord, ‘Here I am, because you have called me to be a Christian’,” said Saint Josemaría to thousands of people in Caracas, Venezuela.]]> <![CDATA[1975.2.8]]> “I’m going to bless your studies, your work, your loves which are good and noble, and your families,” said Saint Josemaría to a gathering of students and others in Venezuela, before giving them his blessing.]]> <![CDATA[1975.2.7]]> “A rich friend of mine once told me, ‘I don’t know whether I’m a good man or not, because I’ve never found myself jobless and broke, with my wife sick. I’ve never seen my children weak with hunger while I was jobless and broke. I’ve never had to sleep rough, in the streets, without even a blanket… I don’t know whether I’m a good man or not: what would I have done if all that had happened to me?’Look, we have to try and make sure that that doesn’t happen to anyone. We have to give people the training and education they need so that they can have at least a basic standard of living, and face old age and sickness without fear, and bring up their children, and so many other necessary things besides. Nothing that concerns other people should leave us indifferent, and wherever we are we have to work for charity and justice,” said Saint Josemaría during his stay in Venezuela from 4 to 15 February 1975.]]> <![CDATA[1960.2.6]]> “Many people begin, but few finish. And we, who are trying to behave as God’s children, have to be among those few. Remember that only work that is well done and lovingly completed deserves the praise of the Lord which is to be found in Holy Scripture: ‘better is the end of a task than its beginning’”. The opening words of a homily given by Saint Josemaría on this date and later published in Friends of God.]]> <![CDATA[1981.2.5]]> Pope John Paul II confirmed the opening of the process of beatification of Josemaria Escriva. In his homily at the beatification in St Peter’s Square on May 17, 1992, he said, “The spiritual and apostolic life of the new Beatus was based on knowing himself, through faith, to be a son of God in Christ. This faith nourished his love for the Lord, his evangelizing drive, his constant joy, even in the great trials and difficulties he had to overcome. ‘To carry the cross is to find happiness and joy,’ he tells us in one of his Meditations; ‘to carry the cross is to identify oneself with Christ, to be Christ, and therefore to be a son of God’.”]]> <![CDATA[1975.2.4]]> “I haven’t seen anything of Caracas, but on the way up here I could see those wretched shanty-towns from the main road. In Opus Dei there is room for everyone. This vocation is not only for university students. You have to do apostolate with the rich, it’s true, and also with those people who are suffering from hunger – above all, hunger for God. The Work is for everyone.” Saint Josemaría arrived in Venezuela on this date on one of his catechetical journeys, and said these words not twenty hours after landing at Maiquetia Airport, Caracas, where the photo shows him with Msgr. Alvaro del Portillo.]]> <![CDATA[1934.2.3]]> “It’s funny, Lord: it’s all for you, and yet we have to pray to you for it… are you going to turn a deaf ear? Is our prayer going to be powerless, when you are all-powerful? I feel gigantic faith […]: you give me the faith, and you will give me the deeds,” wrote Saint Josemaría in his “Personal Notes”.]]> <![CDATA[1939.2.2]]> “Read these counsels slowly. Pause to meditate on these thoughts. They are things that I whisper in your ear – confiding them – as a friend, as a brother, as a father…” These words are from the preface of The Way, which Saint Josemaría finished typing out at two o’clock this Thursday morning, the feast of the Presentation of the Lord.]]>