Jerusalem: the Holy Sepulcher

J. Gil

There are many places in the Holy Land which preserve the record of our Lord’s life on earth and these places have been rightly venerated down through the centuries. However, none can compare with the Holy Sepulcher, the very place where the central event of our faith took place. As St Paul told the faithful at Corinth very early on, “If Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain” (I Cor 15:14). Tags: Faith, Jesus Christ, Holy Land, In the footprints of our Faith

Jerusalem: Calvary

J. Gil

The Ninth Station of the Via Dolorosa left us very close to Calvary. So far we have been following Jesus as he carries his Cross, along the route traced out by tradition and popular Christian piety... Download pdf. Tags: Self-denial, Cross, Following Christ, The Way of the Cross, The Will of God, Holy Land, In the footprints of our Faith

Tracing the history of the Church in the footsteps of St Josemaría

Places in Rome (1)

St Josemaria is a good guide to the many places in Rome that he himself visited to draw faith from the witness of the early Christians. The aim of the articles gathered under the heading Places in Rome is to reveal the main traces of the history of the Catholic Church that are to be found in Rome, the Eternal City. Download in epub format. Tags: Church, Places in Rome, Pope

St Josemaria’s book The Way of the Cross – Foreword

Msgr. Alvaro del Portillo

“Enter into the wounds of Christ Crucified.” When Monsignor Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer proposed this way, to those who asked him for advice on how to deepen their interior life, he was doing no more than pass on his own experience, pointing out the short cut he had been using throughout his life, and which led him to the highest peaks of spiritual life. Tags: Alvaro del Portillo, Contemplation, Jesus Christ, The Way of the Cross

Anniversary of St Josemaria’s ordination to the priesthood

On March 28, 1925 he was ordained a priest in the chapel of the seminary. He celebrated his first Mass in the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar, at the feet of the beloved Madonna he had prayed to so often. Tags: Love of God, Footprints in the Snow, Logroño, Prayer, Priesthood, Holiness, The Will of God, Saragossa, calling

February 14: Surprised and delighted. A new anniversary

Speaking about the paradoxes of the founding, saint Josemaría would say one day: “The foundation of Opus Dei happened without me; the women’s branch, against my personal opinion; and the Priestly Society of the Holy Cross, when I was seeking it but unable to find it.” Tags: February 14 , Founding of Opus Dei, Opus Dei, Priesthood, Priestly Society of the Holy Cross, Priestly soul, Women

Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of Lourdes is especially linked to a passage in the history of Opus Dei which remains close to its heart: the end of the journey on foot across the Pyrenees undertaken by St Josemaría in 1937, together with several of his spiritual sons and other people, during the Spanish Civil War Tags: Spanish Civil War, History, Crossing the Pyrenees, Our Lady

How did St Josemaria imagine St Joseph?

The Seven Sundays of Saint Joseph

The Seven Sundays of St. Joseph is a devotion to the patron of the universal Church. On the seven Sundays preceding his feast, March 19, the faithful have traditionally contemplated seven sorrows and joys in his life. Illustrated leaflet downloadable in pdf. Tags: St Joseph, Josemaria Escriva

Christmas in Rome and St Josemaria

Interview with Msgr. Joaquin Alonso. He has lived in Rome for sixty years, having moved there after completing law studies in Seville, Barcelona and Madrid. In Rome he studied for a doctorate in canon law. He was ordained a priest in 1955. He worked with St Josemaria, Bishop Alvaro del Portillo and Bishop Javier Echevarria, the present prelate, in governing Opus Dei. He also works for the Holy See in the Vatican as consultor to the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints. Tags: family, Christ Is Passing By, Christmas, Rome

New year, new struggle!

Andres Vazquez de Prada

Saint Josemaría always taught that what counts for holiness is the ability to correct ourselves constantly. This extract from a biography of Saint Josemaría tells how he set himself this motto for the year 1972. Tags: Ascetical struggle


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