St Josemaría’s writings serve as an inspiration for theology

Fernando Ocáriz

"What impetus can theology receive from the teachings of Saint Josemaría", is the title of the address given by Mgr. Fernado Ocariz on November 2013, during the conference “Saint Josemaria and Theological Thought” held at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.
These are some except of the address published in no. 57 of the journal Romana. Tags: Love of God, Gospel, Faith, Church, Holiness, Unity of life, Interior life, Ordinary life, God, Josemaria Escriva, writings of the founder of Opus Dei

Pope Paul VI offered Mass for St Josemaria’s soul

Pablo VI

On June 27, 1975, Pope Paul VI offered the holy Mass for the soul of Msgr. Josemaria Escriva, “such a faithful son”, whose death represented a great loss for the Church. Tags: Pope, Pope Paul VI

“I don’t want to go to Purgatory!”

Pilar Urbano

Sofia Varvaro, a young Italian of the Work, had been diagnosed as having cancer, and the doctors thought she had only a few months to live. Monsignor Escriva said he wanted to go and see her immediately. He started talking to Sofia before he had even entered her room. “Sofia, figlia mia! My daughter!” Tags: Charity, Heaven, Sickness, Optimism

November 2, 1948: Javier Echevarría, currently Opus Dei’s Prelate, met St Josemaría for the first time

Bishop Javier Echevarría and Salvador Bernal

“Javi!” And he added, in a much weaker voice, as Fr Javier came into the room, “I don’t feel well.” Those were the last words on earth of St Josemaría, founder of Opus Dei. It was mid-day on June 26, 1975, in Rome. Fr. Javier Echevarría was the person to whom that final phrase was addressed, after twenty-five years of daily life together. Tags: Love of God, Charity, Javier Echevarria, Madrid

Tabgha: the Church of the Multiplication

J. Gil

Tabgha, in the Holy Land, was the site of a miracle worked by Jesus: the multiplication of the five loaves and two fish, with which our Lord fed five thousand men. Tags: Faith, Holy Land, In the footprints of our Faith

Bethany: Shrine of the Raising of Lazarus

J. Gil

The Gospels tell us that Jesus had no place to rest his head, but they also tell us that he had many good, close friends, eager to have him stay in their homes (Christ is Passing By, 108). Outstanding among those friends were Martha, Mary and Lazarus, three siblings who lived in Bethany Tags: Faith, History, Year of Faith, Holy Land, In the footprints of our Faith

Visit by St Josemaria to Pope Paul VI

On 25 June 1973. St Josemaria had not come to ask the Pope for anything, he only wanted to cheer him up. And once more, the Pope, in the heart of Rome, knew and felt that there was “a little part of the Church” on which he could rely, to find firm support. Tags: Pope, Pope Paul VI

Pope Paul VI Letter to St Josemaria

Pablo VI

Part of a letter written by the Holy Father, Pope Paul VI, to Msgr Josemaria Escriva, in 1964. Tags: Opus Dei, Pope Paul VI

First audience granted by Pope Paul VI to Opus Dei founder St Josemaria

Pablo VI

January 24, 1964. When Msgr Escriva entered the room he started to kneel down to greet the Pope, as the current protocol required. But Pope Paul would not let him: he came forward and, opening wide his arms, gave him an affectionate welcoming embrace. Tags: Pope, Pope Paul VI

Pope Paul VI’s first visit to Centro ELIS

I still have a very vivid memory of the visit of Pope Paul VI to the Centro ELIS on its opening day, said Alvaro del Portillo, the Pope stayed well beyond the time planned for the visit, he celebrated Mass, and attentively visited the various parts of the Centro. Tags: Education, Pope, Pope Paul VI


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