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Pope at General Audience explains Jesus' compassion through multiplication of loaves and fish

Video. (Rome Reports). During the Wednesday General Audience, Pope Francis spoke about the miracle of multiplication of the five loaves of bread and two fish for the multitudes in the Gospel of Matthew. He commented that this parable was an example of not only His love for others, but His compassion and merciful concern for others. The pope spoke about how this miracle was a sign of the Last Supper and the institution of the Eucharist through the blessing and breaking of bread. Tags: Eucharist, God, Rome

Pope Francis: “God does not need our prayer to discover what we need”

Video. (Rome Reports).During the Angelus, Pope Francis turned his attention on Jesus’ teaching on prayer, from the day’s Gospel. Tags: Holy Spirit, The Will of God, Love, Rome

Pope prays for the Nice victims and asks God to welcome them into His peace

Video. (Rome Reports). On a hot Sunday morning, the hundreds of pilgrims gathered in St. Peter's Square took shelter from the sun under their umbrellas during the Pope's Angelus. Pope Francis remembered the victims of the Nice attacks and condemned all acts of violence. He said that "no man should dare shed the blood of his brother.” Tags: Peace, Rome, France, Angelus, mercy

Pope: “It depends on me, to be or not be a neighbor to the person who needs my help”

Video. (Rome Reports). During the Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis focused his entire speech on the parable of the Good Samaritan about a man who was robbed and beaten. Two men passed the dying man on the road and did nothing. In contrast, a third man, a native of Samaria, who was despised by the Jews because they didn’t observe the true religion, stopped to help him. Tags: Charity, Faith, Generosity, Church, Piety, Dignity, God, Angelus, Pope Francis, mercy

The Pope: “Ask the Lord to convert the heart of those full of violence blinded by hatred”

Video. (Rome Reports). During the Angelus, Pope Francis painfully recalled the attacks in Baghdad and Dhaka, in which over 150 people lost their lives at the hands of terrorists. Tags: Generosity, Church, Youth, God, Rome, Angelus, Pope Francis

Pope Francis invites refugees to sit with him at the general audience

Video. (Rome Reports).Pope Francis moved refugees to the center of his preaching, when he made this group sit next to him during the weekly general audience. He preached about one of the miracles of Christ. It was the healing of a leper who approaches Jesus, despite the social norms of the time which excluded them. At the same, Pope Francis said, this happens today with other groups of people. Tags: Gospel, Solidarity, God

Pope recalls "inheritance" left by Virgin Mary at the general audience

Video. (Rome Reports). During the general audience on Wednesday, the Pope started a new cycle of catechesis on Jesus' miracles. The first was about the miracle in the wedding at Cana, when he turned water into wine. A gesture with a much deeper meaning than originally appears. Tags: Faith, Jesus Christ, Our Lady, Love

Pope on Syrian children: invite children from all over the world to join in prayer for peace

Video. (Rome Reports).During the Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis reflected on the millions of children that have either been killed, displaced or orphaned as a result of Syria’s ongoing, five-year civil war. Tags: Peace

Pope at Mass of Corpus Christi: How many parents will do anything for their children!

Video. (Rome Reports). During the Mass of Corpus Christi, Pope Francis explained the meaning behind the Christian expression of "breaking bread.”: "Jesus was broken; he is broken for us. And he asks us to give ourselves, to break ourselves, as it were, for others. This "breaking bread” became the icon, the sign for recognizing Christ and Christians.” Tags: Love of God, Eucharist, Generosity, Church, Rome

Pope Francis: God does not conform to our demands. Prayer is not magic

Video. (Rome Reports). The Pope explained the parable of the widow who gets heard by a judge by insisting without fail. God said to do the same but emphasized an important detail to keep in mind when praying. Tags: Prayer, trust, God