Projects inspired by St Josemaria and his message

The Baytree Centre

  An insight into the valuable work of young volunteers at The Baytree Centre, a social inclusion project based in South London.


Metro Women of Character

A brief look at the impact of Metro Achievement Center for girls, for Chicago urban youth in grades 4-12.


1965: Pope Paul VI visited "Il Centro ELIS" in Italy

Pope Paul VI officially opened Centro ELIS on 21 November 1965.


For young people

Inspired by St Josemaria’s message Teresa and her husband, with other parents set up a school offering integral education


Midtown Educational Foundation

Metro Achievement Center is a youth education center run by Midtown Educational Foundation. Pupils there are from majority Hispanic and Afro-American backgrounds, coming from the most deprived parts of Chicago.


Harambee award: the real story in Africa

The 'Communicating Africa' award offers professional audiovisual journalists a challenge: recognizing Africa through a news report


A wide vision for the future of professions in the media

St Josemaria himself asked for a journalism degree to be set up at the University of Navarre

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Fill this Land with Love

"God will help us to be saints by working at our jobs out of a sense of justice. Not just fulfulling the duties of justice but those of charity too, which means putting our hearts into things."


Dont be satisfied with justice alone

Charity goes beyond justice.