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2nd Joyful Mystery: The Visitation

On May 31 the Church celebrates the feast of the Visitation of our Lady. "Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb! And how have I deserved that the mother of my Lord should come to me?" (Luke 1:42) Tags: Holy Rosary, Service, Our Lady

Sacred Heart of Jesus

The source of all grace is God's love for us, and he has revealed this not just in words but also in deeds. Tags: Love of God, Jesus Christ

Mercy, Pity and Piety

The Pope is holding some special audiences for the Year of Mercy. On May 14 he recalled that “True piety is a sign of God’s mercy and one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, which the Lord gives to his disciples so that they may be docile and follow his divine inspirations.” Tags: Joy, Love of God, Holy Spirit, Piety, mercy

The Blessed Trinity

The Feast of the Blessed Trinity is on the first Sunday after Pentecost. St Josemaria teaches us to praise the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit: "Learn to have a special devotion to the Blessed Trinity..." Tags: Holy Spirit, Divine sonship, Jesus Christ, Blessed Trinity

Christian customs: Novena to the Holy Spirit

The Novena to the Holy Spirit is a long-standing custom through which the Church encourages the faithful to prepare for the descent of the Holy Spirit in the best possible way. Some prayers to the Holy Spirit, in preparation for Pentecost, are downloadable here in pdf and epub format. Tags: Holy Spirit, Prayer, Download, epub, Pentecost

Mercy and Reconciliation

The Pope is giving some special audiences for the Year of Mercy. On April 30, he recalled that the “Jubilee of Mercy is a favorable time for everyone to discover the need for the tenderness and closeness of God our Father, and for turning back to him with all our hearts.” The following are some passages from St Josemaria’s writings, to help pray about this subject. Tags: Joy, Love of God, Sacraments, Forgiveness, prodigal son, mercy

May, the Month of Mary

The Catholic faith sees Mary as a sign of God's special love. God calls us his friends; his grace acts in us, winning us from sin, enabling us to reflect in some way the features of Christ. We start wanting to speak to her, who is also our mother. We want to treat her as someone who is alive. Tags: Piety, Interior life, Our Lady

Mercy and almsgiving

The Pope is holding some special audiences for the Year of Mercy. On April 9, he reminded us that “an essential aspect of mercy is almsgiving”. Below are added some passages from St Josemaria’s writings that may help pray about this subject. Tags: Charity, Generosity, Jesus Christ, Poverty, Service, mercy

Living through Holy Week with St Josemaria

"Living Holy Week means entering ever more deeply into the logic of God, into the logic of the Cross, which is not primarily that of suffering and death, but rather that of love and of the gift of self which brings life. It means entering into the logic of the Gospel.
To contemplate the Holy Week through the Gospel, you can download passages by St. Josemaría, in pdf and epub. Tags: Cross, Gospel, Prayer, Following Christ, Holy Week

In Saint Joseph's workshop

We do know that he was not well-to-do: he was just a worker, like so many millions of people throughout the world. He worked at the same demanding and humble job which God chose for himself when he took our flesh and came to live just like the rest of us for thirty years. Tags: St Joseph, Work, Christ Is Passing By

Faithfulness to God

Cheer up! Not least when the going gets hard. Doesn’t it make you happy to think that your faithfulness to your Christian commitments depends to a large extent on you? Tags: Joy, Faithfulness, Pope, Vocation

Learning from St Joseph

A master of interior life, a worker deeply involved in his job, God’s faithful servant: that is Joseph. With St Joseph, the Christian learns what it means to belong to God and fully to assume one’s place among men. Tags: Holy Family, St Joseph, Interior life, Ordinary life

Mortification done for love

The Catholic Church has always maintained that sacrifice needs to be present in the lives of every Christian, as it was in Christ’s own life, as a manifestation of love for God and other people.
The following are some quotations from St Josemaria’s writings, as a help to talk to God about mortification. Tags: Conversion, Suffering, Mortification, Service, Love, God, Penance

Cathedra of St. Peter

You are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church. The Church today is the same one Christ founded. It cannot be any other. Peter and his successors are the vicars of God with regard to the rule of the Church as instituted through faith and with regard to the sacraments of the faith Hence Tags: Church, Pope

4th Joyful Mystery: The Presentation

And this time it will be you, my friend, who will carry the cage with the doves. —Just think: She —the Immaculate!— submits herself to the Law as if she were defiled. Tags: Piety, Holy Rosary, Our Lady