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June 26 2012 around the world

Here are a few photos of the Masses celebrated in honour of Saint Josemaria, on dates close to June 26th. The photos come from different countries where the saint of ordinary life is celebrated.


Things that I whisper in your ear

Listen to and download all the 999 points of The Way in mp3 format.


Public relations on earth and in heaven

A mother and housewife who also works in public relations asks how to live in God's presence. - Father, I'm a mother and a housewife, but I also work in public relations. My question is: Here in Sao Paulo, where life can be quite frenetic, there's the danger of becoming material-minded. How can we keep our supernatural outlook amidst all the rush?


I was lucky enough to meet St Josemaria

Alfredo, from Italy, met St Josemaria in the spring of 1971 and recalls that when you were with him, you felt closer to God.


A doctor, a priest

A medical doctor asks St. Josemaria how not to act out of routine at work. The answer is to have a "priestly soul", to try to get his patients closer to God.

Photo gallery

May 17, 1992: Beatification of Josemaria Escriva

On May 17, 1992, Pope John Paul II beatified Josemaria Escriva, founder of Opus Dei, and Josephina Bakhita, Canossian nun, in St Peter’s Square.


The Baytree Centre

An insight into the valuable work of young volunteers at The Baytree Centre, a social inclusion project based in South London.


Metro Women of Character

A brief look at the impact of Metro Achievement Center for girls, for Chicago urban youth in grades 4-12.


Speaking with God

Our Lord wants us each to speak with him, to talk to him directly. He doesn't want anonymous prayer, but for you, and you, you, and me to talk to him about our concerns and to listen to his response. How shall we talk to him?


I'm about to make my First Holy Communion

Andreia, Brazilian, who is about to make her First Holy Communion, asked about St Josemaria's devotion to the Blessed Eucharist.


March 28: Josemaria ordained a priest

On March 28, 1925, aged 23, St Josemaria was ordained in St Charles' Church, Saragossa, Spain. From that day on, his life revolved around celebrating the Eucharist and his priestly apostolate.


St Josemaria's First Holy Communion

St Josemaria Escriva received Jesus in Holy Communion for the first time on April 23. A short video shows how he prepared for this important moment.


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