Glimpses of the preaching of St Josemaria Escriva

Clips from a meeting with St Josemaria in October 1972, showing him interacting with the many people who came to listen to him and ask him questions about Christian living.


The future of Opus Dei

In a gathering with thousands of people in Barcelona, St Josemaria was asked: "Father, does Opus Dei contain the necessary dynamism to continue fulfilling people's needs in the future?"


St Josemaria and parents

Msgr Jaime Fuentes was born in Montevideo, took a degree in journalism, and did a doctorate in theology. He moved to Rome in 1967 where he worked with St Josemaria. He is the Bishop of Minas, Uruguay.


St Josemaria and my work as a painter

Ana Maria Balmaceda is a painter. She met St Josemaria in 1974. She learned from him to fill her work with faith, to "blaze a trail to God through colors."


What is the best way to serve society?

- Father, What is the best way to serve society? - Serving society? You are serving your fellow-men when you work for their spiritual good and their material good.


What does it mean to "be an apostle" in the 21st century?

The question of Sonsoles, a student, to Bishop Javier Echevarria, Prelate of Opus Dei, at the WYD, August 2011.


How can I have patience with the public?

Father, I work in the security section of a big company. How can I have patience with the public? How can I attend to everyone with Christian charity, with a permanent smile, while not weakening when I have to ensure that they keep the rules?


With open arms

We can't shut our arms against anyone! We can't take one side against others! We can't talk about fighting! Fighting is un-Christian!


Winning the last battle

Why have you recently been stressing the importance of “winning the last battle”?


Singing with God

Ana from Cuba came to Madrid for the 2011 World Youth Day. She went to a meeting of young people with Bishop Javier Echevarria, Prelate of Opus Dei, in Vistaalegre Palace, and asked him a question.


Christmas, a new special meeting with God

"God is here. This is the great announcement which moves Christians today.” See an illustrated passage from St Josemaria’s homily “Christ triumphs through humility”.


Christmas in Rome with Opus Dei prelate

God who has become a Child loves us "with all the infinity of his love", says Bishop Javier Echevarria, speaking at the Christmas celebration in Rome.


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