St Josemaria's route across the Pyrenees

A clip from the DVD documentary Cruzando la noche (“Crossing the night”), which traces St Josemaria’s route across the Pyrenees mountains in 1937.


An absorbing adventure

Waldemar Sommer, Chilean art critic, on how St Josemaria's teachings influence his life.


What does "Administration" mean in Opus Dei?

Sveta, from Russia, has asked to be admitted to Opus Dei as an Assistant Numerary. Bishop Echevarria reminds her to trust St Josemaria in all her apostolate.


Like the Prodigal Son

During a catechetical gathering in Pamplona, Spain, in 1972, St Josemaria speaks about the importance of the inner battle over the little things of every day, because “love makes something great out of a little thing.”


My parents really loved each other

St Josemaria recalled his parents' love: "They really loved each other, and they had to suffer a lot (...); and I always saw them smiling."


How can we endure suffering with joy?

Rodolfo and Lucia suffered the loss of their small son. How can people see God’s hand in events like that? St Josemaria replies to someone in a similar situation, who asked him how to bear suffering with joy.


A dilemma we all face

Some of us find at the end of the afternoon that we feel we ought to keep on working and also that we ought to go home and spend time with our kids, on our family life. So what do you suggest when faced with this dilemma?


How does she do it in real life?

St Josemaria's advice about families was based on his own lived experience - so people find it connects with theirs. Read here: The secret of married happiness and watch: "Clutter Control Tips from Mother of 11" - from ABC News, Good Morning America, Sept., 2011


Life becomes simpler when we pray

Zhonghua Wang is from Beijing and studies in Germany. She tells how she comes to be baptized by Pope Benedict XVI in Rome, during the Easter Vigil, 2011.


Do what you ought and put your heart into what you are doing

Charlotte is an engineering student. She was struck by a point in The Way because “to be a saint it is not necessary to perform great feats.”


People in love don't grow old

Miguel Aranguren, Spanish author and journalist, discovered that St Josemaria was always young. "I realized that youth isn't a question of years, it's having a heart that's in love."


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