Was it a miracle?

Dagmar is Lutheran. Her mother was at the point of death, but against all expectations she came through a risky operation and was cured.


For young people

Inspired by St Josemaria’s message Teresa and her husband, with other parents set up a school offering integral education

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Early Days in Madrid

In 1927 Father Josemaria moved to Madrid he was convinced that God wanted him to do something very specific, but he still did not know what it was.


Cardinal Rouco recommends 'Holy Rosary' to prepare for World Youth Day

www.romereports.com. The Archbishop of Madrid recommends the book “Holy Rosary” by St. Josemaría Escrivá in preparation for the World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid.

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Where was Josemaria Escriva born?

Josemaria Escriva was born in Barbastro, Spain, in 1902. His parents, Jose and Dolores, were a young married couple, whose families were from Barbastro and nearby towns.


Father, I'm Jewish

In Chile, in 1974, in a meeting with hundreds of people, a Jewish girl asks the founder of Opus Dei about the catholic faith.


Footprints in the Snow

One winter's day Josemaria went out early and saw some bare footprints in the snow. A friar was walking barefoot to offer a sacrifice to God.


Mr Jose Escriva's business collapsed

Mr Jose Escriva was Josemaria's dad. His business collapsed, and he had to take a job in Logroño. The family moved there in 1915.


Roland Joffe, There Be Dragons

Interview With Roland Joffe. Rome


Audios of Opus Dei founder

Audio files of St Josemaria’s voice, speaking in Spanish about the family, how to pray, presence of God when working, and Opus Dei. Songs and carols.


Midtown Educational Foundation

Metro Achievement Center is a youth education center run by Midtown Educational Foundation. Pupils there are from majority Hispanic and Afro-American backgrounds, coming from the most deprived parts of Chicago.


1965: Pope Paul VI visited "Il Centro ELIS" in Italy

Pope Paul VI officially opened Centro ELIS on 21 November 1965.


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