A close-up portrait

What was St Josemaria Escriva like? A new book, Dios y Audacia (“God and Daring”) by Cardinal Julian Herranz, offers a fresh, close look at the man that many people call the “patron saint of ordinary life”, or the “patron saint of work”. Tags: Youth, books, Daring, God

“There Be Dragons” Lands U.S. Distribution- Opens May 6, 2011

Joffé’s film is set against the background of the horrors of the Spanish Civil War and the life of a canonised saint, Josemaría Escrivá, the founder of Opus Dei. In this film there is a very open mixture of fact and fiction. Tags: Film, US, There be Dragons

St Josemaria on the blogosphere

In his book Furrow, at no. 263, St Josemaria provides a hard-hitting examination of conscience on humility, which has been taken up by bloggers and is arousing considerable comment. Tags: Humility, books, Furrow

Upcoming TV program on Opus Dei and St Josemaria

During the week of February 7th, CatholicTV will air the documentary 'Opus Dei: Decoding God’s Work'. Tags: Opus Dei, Television

Saint Josemaria in the news: 'There be Dragons': a great film to be released in May

A film about St Josemaria, directed by Roland Joffé, premieres this year in the US and Spain. The following is an extract from a ‘Spero News’ review. Tags: There be Dragons

St. Josemaría Escrivá, Civil War and Forgiveness

This Spring, a movie will be released that will feature as one of the leading characters St. Josemaría Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei, with themes of war, love and forgiveness. ZENIT spoke with Roland Joffé, the director of the new movie, "There Be Dragons". "I wanted to find an honest viewpoint in portraying his character, and to take his faith at face value, as he did", he said. Tags: Spanish Civil War, Forgiveness, Film, There be Dragons

Novenas for Saint Josemaria's intercession

Three special novenas have been composed asking for Saint Josemaria's intercession and meditating on his teachings. They are available in pdf format.
Click on them to follow the link.
Novena for Work
Novena for the Sick
Novena for families Tags: Prayer, novena

Giving some time, gaining a treasure

St. Josemaría told us that Opus Dei began among the poor and the sick, among generous souls in hospital wards whose condition brought them close to the heart of God. Tags: Youth, Solidarity, Australia

New Video Biographies of Saint Josemaría

New videos have been added to the Saint Josemaria YouTube channel. The videos (two short video biographies of Saint Josemaría) were prepared with the help of Professor John Coverdale, author of the first biography of Saint Josemaria written in the US. Tags: Spanish Civil War, Video-clip

Willi Chen’s ‘Escriva’ Lighthouse Tower

At Pointe-a-Pierre Roundabout, Trinidad and Tobago, a monumental piece of sculpture serves as a beacon pointing to the value of work. In an article first written in 2006, its designer described his inspiration and explained why he named it the Escriva Tower. Tags: Devotion, Trinidad and Tobago

First Edition of Holy Rosary in Vietnamese

This collection of short commentaries on the mysteries of the rosary written by St Josemaría has been translated to Vietnamese and published in Ho Chi Minh city in June 2010. Tags: books, Holy Rosary

Saint Josemaria has stayed with us

Thirty-six years ago, on June 26, 1974, Saint Josemaria said in the Teatro Coliseo in Buenos Aires: “I’m going away, but I’ll come back, and what’s more, I’ll stay.” This year, St Michael’s Cathedral in the center of San Miguel City, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, has seen one way in which this promise has come true. Tags: June 26, Devotion

Students pitch in to help Haiti rebuild

Students from Trinidad & Tobago, on North Hall’s Summer 2010 Haiti Outreach Program, spent a week on reconstruction work in Haiti, devastated after January’s earthquake. Tags: Youth, Solidarity, University, Trinidad and Tobago

Dubbo Service Project

"I participated in a service project to Dubbo, an inland Australian city with a large Indigenous Australian community". The project was based in one of Dubbo’s less affluent areas at a community centre where we would run a holiday program for indigenous children. Tags: Youth, Solidarity, Australia

A Letter from Thailand

About 100 people participate in the Mass in honor of St. Josemaria that took place in Bangkok on Saturday 26 June. Meg, one of the participants, wrote this letter about the preparations for this Mass in Thailand. Tags: June 26, Holy Mass