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I believe in God the Father Almighty

Who tells us that God is Father? How does God reveal that he is Love? What does it mean when we say that God is almighty? Why is God both Father and Almighty? Why does evil exist? If God is Father, is he my Father? If I am God’s child, how can I relate to him? Doesn’t that relationship take away our freedom as human beings? Can we trust God? Tags: Doctrine, Faith, God, Father

What is Marriage?

What did Jesus say about marriage? What is the Sacrament of Matrimony? Marriage for life? What is married love?
“When a man and woman celebrate the Sacrament of Matrimony God as it were is ‘mirrored’ in them; he impresses in them his own features and the indelible character of his love.” Pope Francis, Audience, April 2, 2014. Tags: Generosity, Children, Church, Marriage, Responsibility, Sacraments, Love, happiness

What does apostolate mean? Who are apostles today?

The Greek word apostoloi means “emissaries”, those who are sent on behalf of another. It refers to the call made by Jesus Christ to his apostles to continue his own mission: announce the Kingdom of God throughout the world. If we are not convinced, let us look at those first disciples, who, immediately after encountering the gaze of Jesus, went forth to proclaim him joyfully: “We have found the Messiah!” So what are we waiting for? Tags: Joy, Apostolate, Eucharist, Gospel, Evangelization

Why go to Confession?

“Forgiveness is asked for, is asked of another, and in Confession we ask for forgiveness from Jesus. Forgiveness is not the fruit of our own efforts but rather a gift, it is a gift of the Holy Spirit who fills us with the wellspring of mercy and of grace that flows unceasingly from the open heart of the Crucified and Risen Christ.” Pope Francis, Audience, 19.2.2014 Tags: Repentance, Sacrament of Reconciliation, Contrition, Conversion, Penance, Forgiveness

What is Baptism?

We are called to live out our Baptism every day as the present reality of our lives. If we manage to follow Jesus and to remain in the Church, despite our limitations and with our weaknesses and our sins, it is precisely because of the Sacrament of Baptism, whereby we have become new creatures and have been clothed in Christ. Pope Francis, Audience, 8 January 2014. Tags: Gratitude, Baptism, Faith, Divine sonship, Church, Sacraments

What do we celebrate at Christmas?

Francisco Varo

This day shall light shine upon us; for the Lord is born to us. This is the great announcement which moves Christians today... What do we celebrate at Christmas? What do we really know about Jesus? When and how was he born? A team of theologians and historians at the University of Navarre (Spain), answer these questions. Tags: Doctrine, Jesus Christ, Holy Family

What is the Church?

In Christian usage, the word “church” designates the liturgical assembly, but also the local community or the whole universal community of believers. These three meanings are inseparable. “The Church” is the People that God gathers in the whole world. She exists in local communities and is made real as a liturgical, above all a Eucharistic, assembly. She draws her life from the word and the Body of Christ and so herself becomes Christ’s Body. Tags: Church, Pope, In Love with the Church, Year of Faith

Any questions about Opus Dei?

A series of questions from journalists about Opus Dei, answered by its founder St Josemaria Escriva, and published in the book Conversations with Msgr. Escriva (1968). Tags: October 2, 1928, Founding of Opus Dei, Opus Dei, Politics, Vocation, calling, Opus Dei's foundational charisma

Why did the Son of God become man?

In the Creed, we say “I believe in Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, our Lord, who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary…” But why did God the Son become man? Why is he called Jesus Christ? What does the mystery of the Incarnation mean? Does it make sense to venerate pictures and figures of Jesus in the Crib? Tags: Doctrine, Year of Faith

Who and what is man? Why was he created, and what for?

We know from the Book of Genesis that “God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; man and woman he created them”. But what does being created “in the image of God” mean? Who is man in actual fact? Why were human beings created, and what are we for? Are we just one kind of creature among many? Where are our souls? Tags: Doctrine, Faith

What does "I believe in God, One and Three" mean?

What is God like?
The Blessed Trinity is the mystery of God in himself, the central mystery of Christian faith and life. What does it mean in practice to say “I believe in God, One and Three”? How can we relate to each of the three Persons of the Blessed Trinity individually? Tags: Faith, God

How did Jesus die?

Francisco Varo

Jesus died, nailed to a cross, on the 14th day of Nisan, Friday April 7 in the year 30 AD. This can be deduced from a critical analysis of the Gospel accounts compared with the allusions to his death contained in the Talmud (cf. Sanhedrin 6, 1; fol. 43a). Tags: Doctrine, Faith

What was the Sanhedrin?

Francisco Varo

The Sanhedrin was the supreme court of the Jewish Law, whose function was to administer justice by interpreting and applying both the oral and written tradition of the Torah. At the same time it represented the Jewish people before the Roman authorities. Tags: Doctrine, Holy Week

Could Jesus’ body have been stolen?

Francisco Varo

When people who did not want to accept that Jesus had risen from the dead saw that the tomb where his body had been laid was empty, the first thing that occurred to them to think and say was that his body had been stolen (cf. Mt 28:11-15). Tags: Doctrine

Who was Caiaphas?

Francisco Varo

In 1990 two ossuaries were discovered in the Talpiyot necropolis at Jerusalem. One of them bore the inscription “Yosef bar Kayafa”, the name attributed to Caiaphas by Josephus. Tags: Doctrine, Easter, Holy Week