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Favours obtained through Saint Josemaria's intercession

Finishing the favor

C. M. H., Puerto Rico

November 22, 2016

A year and a half ago, I prayed to St Josemaria for a job for my dad. After several attempts he obtained a full-time permanent job. But just before Christmas the van he used for deliveries was damaged. His line manager said he could choose whether to wait for two weeks while the van was repaired or look for another job.

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He has always answered me

J., Spain

November 22, 2016

Four years ago, by chance, I came across the Novena for Work. At that time I took over the management of the technical division of a big company, from a person who seemed to be irreplaceable because he had been in the job for so long. I began praying the novena every day and found that the difficulties I was faced with began to be sorted out. In fact since that time we have made some major achievements and improved the management in many ways. Every time I was faced with a problem, I prayed to Saint Josemaria, asking him to intervene. He has always answered me. Words simply cannot express the immense help I have received from Saint Josemaria. I wanted to contribute my personal experience of his intercession. Thank you, Saint Josemaria! I pray every day for my family and for everyone who needs it.

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The perfect job for me

A., Poland

November 22, 2016

In October last year I lost my job. I sent my CV to lots of firms but only received three possible interviews. I was distraught. Then a friend recommended the novena to Saint Josemaria, and I began saying it that same day. After praying it for nearly four months, someone I know called me offering me a job that is perfect for me, and in which I can develop professionally. I am so grateful to the friend who helped me get to know Saint Josemaria and return to the Church… Thank you Saint Josemaria! Thank you, Our Lady and Jesus!

Novena and some get-togethers

C. C.

August 18, 2016

About a year and a half ago I discovered the message of St. Josemaria. The atmosphere at home was somewhat against religion, because for various reasons the family had stopped going to Mass and Confession. So I began a novena to St. Josemaria and invited my family to come and see the films of some get-togethers with him.

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St Josemaria is incredible

M., Poland

August 11, 2016

St Josemaria is incredible. He helps me in all the difficulties I meet in life. Thanks to him, tricky situations become much simpler. Just as an example, he helped me get a job and overcome a serious state of depression. I met people who encouraged me. Thanks to these prayers I know that things are not hopelessly bad… Let’s trust God and his servants in heaven, and everything will end up well! If we pray, everything will be given to us.

A peanut

N.N., Argentina

July 12, 2016

My sister’s two-year-old great-grandson swallowed a peanut which went down the wrong way and reached his lung. He was a week in the university hospital in the city in Germany where the family lives. They were unable to remove the peanut.

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R. G., Costa Rica

July 12, 2016

A week ago I was buying some gates with their accessories at an ironmongers. I paid by credit card and had to show my identity card in the process. I went with a friend and we were in a hurry, so I packed up the accessories myself. The assistants loaded the gates for us and we set off. The next day I had to buy some other items with my card and this time I couldn’t find my identity card. The shop accepted my payment as it was for a small amount and I am a regular customer. I was extremely worried and prayed to St Josemaria and Our Lady to find it, with a little aspiration that people in this country often say – “Ojitos de la Virgen ponmela delante – Eyes of the Blessed Virgin, put it in front of me,” knowing St Josemaria’s great devotion for the Blessed Mother. I searched for my ID card at home, in my purse, in the car and in my friend’s car. I kept praying for it to appear, as it is essential for all sorts of transactions and other matters. In the end, a little discouraged because it was now a week since I lost the ID card, I went back to the ironmongers, and there it was! They gave it to me on the spot, and I give thanks to Saint Josemaria for this favor.

Never give up hope

A. C. D., Brazil

July 5, 2016

One day last October I woke up having resolved to leave my job, even though I knew that Brazil is going through a difficult time and that many people are looking for work. But I was unhappy in the job I was doing, so I left it. That same day I began to pray the St Josemaria Novena that my cousin gave me. I had some interviews, always convinced that if I was not offered that particular job it was because something better was waiting for me. Now, beginning of May, I have got a job I could never even have dreamed of. The message I want to give is to put love into every activity, and like that it will always work out for the best. What matters is never to give up hope!

A simple, clear, powerful petition

J.M.L., Venezuela

July 5, 2016

There is a humble woman living in a small, picturesque village in the Andes in Venezuela, who, like so many women in those parts, has a little altar in her house with pictures of the saints to whom she has a devotion, including Saint Josemaria. Although she has never learned to read she knows the novena prayer by heart because she has had it read to her so often.

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I said prayer-cards non-stop and my daughter recovered.

C. M. H., Puerto Rico

July 5, 2016

My husband died some years ago. For all this time I have been father and mother to our three children, but especially our daughter, the youngest. She was now in the last year of her degree in medicine, and about to graduate.

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To pay off a loan

E., Poland

June 10, 2016

I prayed insistently to St Josemaria to get a job so I could pay off a loan that I took out to support my daughter’s studies. I have now paid off most of the loan. I hope that St Josemaria will keep helping me till it is all paid off.

Renegotiating the contract


June 10, 2016

Since 2008 I have worked full-time for a high tec company providing communications services, technical field services, communications networks etc. to other companies. My assigned client from 2008 onwards was a well-known international pharmaceutics firm. In 2013 this firm started a process to renegotiate their contract with my company. The process took about two years, and in the end, the pharmaceutics firm decided to end the contract with us and contract a different company, for economic reasons. There were two of us engineers assigned to this firm, and as soon as we heard the news we were seriously worried and contacted our area manager to ask what would happen to our jobs. He said he had heard about the termination of the contract, and suggested we should start looking for work as soon as possible. I told my mother what had happened. She is a practising Catholic with a lot of devotion to St. Josemaria Escriva, and she talked to me about him, showed me his books, and gave me a copy of the novena to St. Josemaria, asking me to pray it with great faith, as he had never let her down. I began praying the novena and finding out more about St. Josemaria’s life. I remember with great joy how, on a Saturday, when we don’t work, which was the eighth day of my novena, my wife and I were at home and I got a call from my line manager. She had just been told that our company had decided to make the other engineer redundant but I would be retained and assigned to other clients. As at the time of writing, I am still working for the same company, very happy and grateful for this opportunity to continue to serve.


M. A. C., Chile

May 30, 2016

I was unemployed. My father gave me a prayer-card of St Josemaria, saying this was a saint who specialized in problems like mine. To my surprise, the very next week I got an interview with a company and I am now working for them. I am really grateful to St Josemaria.

Searching for a permanent job

S., Singapore

May 30, 2016

After searching for a permanent job for 10 months, a friend recommended that I pray the Novena for employment to seek the intercessions of St. Josemaria and Our Blessed Mother. Within 2 weeks I was recommended to a good job which I did not even apply for. Thank you St. Josemaria and Mother Mary for your prayers and intercessions. Always have faith in the love of God.

He is such a father!

K. A., Australia

May 19, 2016

My siblings and I wanted to send our mother back home to the Philippines to visit her dying friend. We had booked the flight and she was organising her passport. Due to unforseen circumstances her passport was not arriving and there was one more day left before we had to decide to cancel the flight. I knew how much this meant to her and to my siblings who had spent months and money organising this trip. I prayed a novena to St. Josemaria and told him- please for my sibling's and mum's sake make this passport arrive tomorrow morning. I asked friends to also pray to him for this intention. The next day at 9am the post office rang my mother to say it had arrived. He is such a father!


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