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Pope Francis explains in the general audience why "we are confident" of God's forgiveness

Video. (Rome Reports). During the general audience, the Pope explained why Christ took mercy "to its fullest.” He said that His whole life, He put himself "in the line of sinners,” alongside them, in order to show his compassion for the human condition. Therefore, he stressed, [...]
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Pope Francis explains the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity at his general audience

Video (Rome Reports). Pope Francis reflected on the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity during his general audience catechesis. Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox celebrate the event at the same time, from January 18th to 25th. The Pope proposed that "beginning from the baptism we all share [...]
Tags: Baptism, Ecumenical dialogue, Unity, Catechesis, Pope Francis, mercy

Pope's Angelus: Sin only brings failure and misery to life

Video. (Rome Reports). During his Sunday Angelus, Pope Francis thanked Catholics their prayers for his next trip to Sri Lanka and the Philippines. "Thank you for what you wrote on that banner, thank you very much! I ask you to stay with me through prayer. And [...]
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Pope Francis explains why the Church is the Body of Christ

Video. (Rome Reports). The Pope explained why the Church is the Body of Christ. He said it is not just a way of speaking because every Christian establishes a real and special link with God during baptism. The Church is a "masterpiece” of the Holy Spirit, [...]
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What is Baptism?

We are called to live out our Baptism every day as the present reality of our lives. If we manage to follow Jesus and to remain in the Church, despite our limitations and with our weaknesses and our sins, it is precisely because of the [...]
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Pope's Audience: Through Baptism, we become 'missionary disciples'

During his weekly catechesis, Pope Francis talked about the importance of Baptism. He described it as a special Sacrament that welcomes Christians into their journey of faith. With thousands of people in St. Peter's Square, he explained that whoever receives the Sacrament is called to be [...]
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Pope's Angelus: Baptism is a miracle of faith

Rome Reports. The cold was no obstacle for the thousands of pilgrims that gathered in St. Peter's Square to hear the Pope's Angelus. Sunday was the feast of the Baptism of the Lord, and Pope Francis reminded everyone that it marks the beginning of time [...]
Tags: Baptism, Rome, Pope Francis, mercy

Pope Francis: Every baptized child is a miracle of faith

“Every child who is born is a gift of joy and of hope, and every child who is baptized is a miracle of the faith and a feast for the family of God.” Those were the words of Pope Francis on Sunday, as he greeted [...]
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Pope Francis: Our baptism gives us a new and glorious hope

Video.It was an usual, but festive way, to kick off the weekly General Audiences in the new year. Several circus performers took the stage before Pope Francis, complete with juggling, acrobats, unicycles and even ferrets! At one point, even Pope Francis clapped along, visibly happy [...]
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Pope prays for victims in the Philippines and for Syrian children who were killed

November 13, 2013 (Romereports.com) The cold weather has made its way to Rome. So, as the Pope blessed children out in St. Peter's Square, he made sure they were kept nice and warm, with gestures like this one. During his catechesis, the Pope was moved [...]
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