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Writing about Don Alvaro

The Catholic Truth Society is a London-based publisher whose booklets can be found in the back of virtually every Catholic church in the UK. Ethel Tolansky and I have published several little biographies with them, going back to 1999. When we heard that Don Alvaro [...]
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Yes! The Life of St Josemaria translated into Russian

The first Russian edition of Yes! The Life of St Josemaria has just been published by Beliy Kamen publishers. The book, by Miguel Ángel Cárceles, Isabel Torra, Isabel and Giorgio del Lungo, first appeared in Spanish, published by Rialp, in 1993. The book was written for [...]
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First biography of St Josemaria in Romanian

The Romanian publisher Presa Bună is about to bring out the first book about St Josemaria Escriva in Romanian. It is Msgr. Escriva: A Profile of the Founder of Opus Dei, by Salvador Bernal, originally published in Spanish in 1977. Below is an interview [...]
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Pope Francis' first Encyclical to be released on July 5th

(Romereports.com) The Vatican announced that Pope Francis' first encyclical will be titled 'Lumen Fidei,' which translates to 'The Light of Faith.' The encyclical was started by Benedict XVI when he was still Pope. Francis finished it, describing it as a 'strong text.' It will be [...]
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St. Josemaria in Korea

A friend gave me a copy of The Way when I was in college. That was the very first book I read by St. Josemaria. It touched me deeply, and I wanted to read more. I learned many things from St. Josemaria’s writings: how to [...]
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When you read The Way...

I am a cancer patient. When I was fighting it desperately five years ago, my best friend, Margaret, gave me a copy of The Way which comforted and encouraged me tremendously. Not too long ago, a friend of mine from Opus Dei told me that the [...]
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The critical-historical edition of Conversations with Msgr. Josemaria Escrivá

The critical-historical edition of Conversations with Msgr. Josemaria Escrivá has just been published in Spanish. It is the third volume of the complete works of Saint Josemaria, edited by Rialp. In the interviews, the Found of Opus Dei speaks from the maturity of age [...]
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Booklist about marriage and the family

A list of books, ranging from short booklets to long treatises, both theological and practical, on marriage and the family from the Christian perspective. Enormously helpful resources for married people, those preparing for marriage, and anyone involved in guidance and counselling. BENNETT, Art and Laraine: [...]
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Is Holiness for Everyone?

Holiness for Everyone is a guidebook which gives practical advice on how anyone can become a saint. "Since I am not a saint, however, I cannot write such a guidebook on my own, so I instead use the teachings of an actual saint – St. [...]
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A book I’ll never forget

In Life and Living, a magazine for the elderly, readers wrote describing “the book I’ll never forget”. Esther, 86, wrote about The Way by Josemaria Escriva (Scepter). I was 24 years old and bedridden with pleural tuberculosis. I’d recently given birth to my son John after [...]
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