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Pictures etc. of Saint Josemaría www.sjem.it - Formula Srl.: Statues, CDs, rosaries, medals, pictures, etc., Italy www.artegranda.com - Medal of Saint Josemaría’s canonization, Spain Places connected with Saint Josemaría www.torreciudad.org - Shrine of Torreciudad, Spain www.aragob.es - Aragon (Spain) and Saint Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer Audiovisuales www.escrivadvd.com [...]
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Books for Children

Biographies for Children Michael Carceles and Elizabeth Torra. Yes! The Life of Josemaria Escriva for Young Readers, Manila: Sinag-Tala 1994 / Princeton: Scepter, 2002. Full of appealing illustrations and charming stories spanning the entire life of St. Josemaria, this large-size children’s book not only helps children [...]
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A book review "The Founder of Opus Dei. The Life of Josemaría Escrivá" by Andrés Vázquez de Prada

A book review by John F. Coverdale published in "Studia et documenta". Rivista dell’Istituto Storico San Josemaría Escrivá n. 1 (2007). Andrés Vázquez de Prada, The Founder of Opus Dei. The Life of Josemaría Escrivá. Volume I: The Early Years, Princeton (N.J.), Scepter Publishers, [...]
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A deeply human book

In late 1932, the founder of Opus Dei, a young Spanish priest named Josemaría Escrivá, ran off on a primitive mimeograph machine a 15-page pamphlet entitled Spiritual Considerations, which he distributed among people to whom he was giving spiritual advice. It contained 262 numbered considerations. [...]
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Escrivá was a "modern master in the spirituality of work"

We can humanize work when we bring God into it, because that gives our life its meaning. Cardinal Schonborn’s article proposes a “human ecology of work”, for which there have always been teachers in the life of the Church. St Josemaria was one of them. Work [...]
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"Holy Rosary": To help people say the Rosary

Towards the end of 1931, St Josemaría “discovered” a special life of spiritual childhood in his prayer. On November 30, the first day of the novena for the feast of the Immaculate Conception, he noted: As I say the rosary or perform other devotions, such [...]
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A Surprising and Unusual Book

The Way, one of the twentieth century's best known spiritual works, had a great impact on me personally and has been part of my life since the day it first came into my hands. Later, I studied it in depth and I have written about [...]
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The Founder of Opus Dei - BOOK SYNOPSIS

St. Josemaria Escriva, the founder of Opus Dei, first became aware of a special mission from God while a teenager. It all started when he saw the footprints of a barefoot Carmelite monk on the snow after a snowfall. “If others can make such sacrifices [...]
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