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Is Holiness for Everyone?

Holiness for Everyone is a guidebook which gives practical advice on how anyone can become a saint. "Since I am not a saint, however, I cannot write such a guidebook on my own, so I instead use the teachings of an actual saint – St. [...]
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A book I’ll never forget

In Life and Living, a magazine for the elderly, readers wrote describing “the book I’ll never forget”. Esther, 86, wrote about The Way by Josemaria Escriva (Scepter). I was 24 years old and bedridden with pleural tuberculosis. I’d recently given birth to my son John after [...]
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Translating The Man of Villa Tevere

Translating The Man of Villa Tevere Interview with Helena Scott by the josemariaescriva.info website staff. The Man of Villa Tevere – St Josemaria Escriva: his years in Rome, by Pilar Urbano, translated by Helena Scott, published by Scepter Publishers, Inc., New York, 2011. JEI: In [...]
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That all may be saved

St Josemaria's homily "That all may be saved" is now available in mp3 format. Audio versions of more of his homilies will be made available shortly. The world is often compared, in conversation or in books, with the sea. It is a good comparison, for [...]
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Ideas for Christmas presents

A book can make a wonderful Christmas present – and why not choose one of the many books by and about Saint Josemaria? The following is a list of books by him, and others about his life and aspects of his message. Plus DVDs about [...]
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Saint Josemaria Short Biography now in Chinese

The short biography of Saint Josemaria Escriva, known as the Canonization book, by Michele Dolz is now available in Chinese. Spring Publications came out with the Chinese version on June 26, 2011, in time for the Masses in honor of Saint Josemaria all over [...]
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Two new books in English about St Josemaria

Two very different books have just appeared in English about Opus Dei founder St Josemaria. One is the second volume in a series by William Keenan entitled ‘St Josemaria Escriva and the Origins of Opus Dei’. The other is a translation of the vivid biographical [...]
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Friends of God in Arabic

On June 26, Le Laurier publishers brought out a translation of the book Friends of God in Arabic, 34 years after it was first published in Spanish. The book contains 18 homilies by Opus Dei founder Josemaria Escriva, who takes the various Christian virtues as [...]
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A Man Who Knew How to Forgive

Forgiving is no easy task: in fact, it may be the most difficult endeavor one can undertake. St. Josemaría Escrivá, the founder of Opus Dei, said, “I didn’t need to learn how to forgive, because God has taught me how to love.” Still, even this [...]
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Biography of St Josemaria newly published in English

Newly translated from Spanish, The Man of Villa Tevere by Pilar Urbano paints a remarkably vivid portrait of the day-to-day life of St. Josemaria Escriva, “the patron saint of ordinary life.” Set in the world headquarters of Opus Dei and rich with anecdotes culled from [...]
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