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Best friends with Dad

Best friends with Dad In autumn the chestnut-sellers appeared. Mr Escriva used to buy a handful of hot roasted chestnuts and put them in his pocket. The minute his footsteps and the sound of the front door were heard, Josemaria rushed to greet him, shouting, “Daddy’s [...]
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"Friends of God" in Slovakia

Friends of God in Slovak The book Friends of God by St Josemaria Escriva is now available in Slovak for the first time. A Slovak translation of Christ is Passing By is currently in preparation. The writings of St Josemaria Escriva that have already been translated [...]
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Cardinal Marian Jaworski, Emeritus Archbishop of Lviv, Ukraine

What is the relevance of St Josemaria’s charisma for the Church? Jaworski: I’m currently reading a Polish translation of a book of memoirs about St Josemaria written by his successor, Bishop Javier Echevarria. I must say it’s a book that has made a deep impression on [...]
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Audios of Opus Dei founder

Audio files of St Josemaria’s voice, speaking in Spanish about the family, how to pray, presence of God when working, and Opus Dei. Songs and carols. St Josemaria’s Teachings (in Spanish) Audio files of St Josemaria’s voice, talking to different people in filmed get-togethers, speaking in Spanish [...]
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Josemaria Escriva, a man of contrasts

When I started work on a biography of Josemaria Escriva (El Hombre de Villa Tevere / “The Man of Villa Tevere”, 1995), the most troubling question in my mind was whether or not there was a “man” to write about; whether, now that the living [...]
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Putting Down Roots

Putting Down Roots is the exciting story of the beginnings of Opus Dei in the U.S. It tells how Fr. Joseph Muzquiz -one of the first three priests of Opus Dei- came to America in 1949 to begin Opus Dei. At the time, only a [...]
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A magnet drawing people to Christ

Converted to Catholicism at the age of 28 after reading G. K. Chesterton, Joseph Pearce is the author of Literary Converts and many biographies of converts and literary figures. In this recent interview for www.josemariaescriva.info he speaks of how much he was helped by St [...]
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The Way: Critical-Historical Edition

Prepared by Pedro Rodriguez; newly translated into English Now available after a seven year translation effort The Way: Critical-Historical Edition arrives in a hardback English-language edition that totals 1173 pages. This work brings out the interesting and little-known background to Tags: The Way, History, books, translations

A Way Through the World

Un cammino attraverso il mondo (“A Way Through the World”), published at the end of 2008 by Lindau in Italy (www.lindau.it), is an anthology of texts taken from the writings of St. Josemaria Escrivá. It includes extracts from his books, homilies, interviews, letters and diaries, [...]
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He inherited his passion for freedom from his French ancestors

François Gondrand is a media consultant and author of a biography of St Josemaria Escriva, At God’s Pace (London and New York: Scepter, 1989; first published in French in 1982). Interviewer: Your biography of St Josemaria recounts the successive stages in the life of the [...]
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