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Pope Francis at the Basilica of Guadalupe: The tears of those who suffer are not in vain

Video (Rome Reports). In his homily, the Pope reviewed the history of St. Juan Diego and the Virgin of Guadalupe. The Mother of God chose a humble Indian to send her message to the Mexican land. POPE FRANCIS "Just as she made herself present to little Juan, [...]
Tags: Humility, Church, Poverty, Our Lady, God, Mexico, Pope Francis

The Message of Saint Josemaria

Videoclip documentary about Opus Dei and its founder, St Josemaria. It starts with the voice of St John Paul II on the day of St Josemaria’s beatification, May 17, 1992. Includes previously unpublished clips of the Mass that St Josemaria celebrated on the campus of [...]
Tags: Passionately Loving the World, Church, Pope John Paul II, Opus Dei, Following Christ, Josemaria Escriva

Questions about Holy Week

Video. (Rome Reports). Holy Week is an important time for Christians throughout the world. But not everyone knows every detail about why it's celebrated or what exactly it's composed of. So here are the answers to questions about Holy Week you were afraid to ask. What [...]
Tags: Cross, Eucharist, Faith, Church, Holy Week

Happy Birthday, Pope Francis!

Video. December 17th is Pope Francis' birthday. We made this video to show our affection and to say "Happy Birthday!"
Tags: Gratitude, Church, Pope, Unity, Rome, Pope Francis

Our Lady of Peace, the prelatic church of Opus Dei

"Our Lady of Peace" is a place of prayer, housing the mortal remains of Saint Josemaría Escrivá. Millions of people throughout the world turn to Saint Josemaría's intercession to gain graces of every kind from God. Many come to the Church of the Prelature to [...]
Tags: Church, Opus Dei prelature, Our Lady, Our Lady of Peace, Rome

Centenary of Jose Maria Hernandez Garnica's Birth

Jose Maria Hernandez Garnica was born in Madrid on 17 November 1913. He gained three doctorates: in Mining Engineering, Natural Science, and Theology. He joined Opus Dei on 28 July 1935. He died in Barcelona on December 7, 1972. He responded generously to God's specific call, and [...]
Tags: Barcelona, Sickness, Church, Priesthood, Vocation, Ireland, UK, Josemaria Escriva, Austria, Switzerland

How can we help the Church?

St Josemaria explains that when one of the baptized tries to be better, through the Communion of Saints he or she is doing good to the whole Church. Let's help the Church, let's serve the Church, let's love everyone, and then things will go well. And [...]
Tags: Church, Video-clip, Video, Communion of saints

John Paul II to be listed in Guinness Book of Records

romereports.com He's a man who has every right to enter the Guinness Book of World Records.
Tags: Church, Pope John Paul II, Priesthood

Loving priests deeply

Filmed encounter of St Josemaria with other priests, Pamplona, Spain, 1972
Tags: Church, Prayer, Priesthood, Love

Opus Dei, a personal prelature

An encounter between members of Opus Dei with John Paul II during the study days organized by the prelature about the Apostolic Letter "Novo Millennio Ineunte". Read the full text at www.vatican.va: Priests and laity in Opus Dei
Tags: Church, Pope John Paul II, Opus Dei prelate, Opus Dei prelature, Evangelization, lay