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Pope Francis at Angelus: Pray for those who were forgotten

Video. (Rome Reports). The Pope prayed the Angelus in St. Peter's Square with thousands of pilgrims. Commemorating the Solemnity of All Souls, Pope Francis reminded Christians that death is not the end. "Remembering the dead, caring for their graves and prayers of suffrage, give us firm [...]
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Pope explains why the Church is our Mother

Video. (Rome Reports).In his weekly general audience, Pope Francis described the Church as a mother who accompanies and defends her children. He also added that the maternal dimension of the Church comes for Her capacity to welcome and to forgive. As the Pope led his general [...]
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The Church is our Mother

“What consolation this certainty arouses in our hearts! The Church is truly a mother and, as a mother, she seeks her children’s good, especially of those who are furthest away and are afflicted, until she finds its fullness in the glorious body of Christ with [...]
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Christ's presence in Christians

Download "Christ's presence in Christians", the homily given by St Josemaria Escriva for Easter Sunday, 1967, from the book Christ is Passing By in pdf format. "Christ is alive." This is the great truth which fills our faith with meaning. Jesus, who died on the [...]
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The Pope speaks about communion in the Church Sacraments, charisms and acts of love

The Holy Father asked the faithful to join him in “an act of love for Noemi”, this morning at the General Audience, 6 November, in St Peter's Square. Recalling the dramatic story of a little girl who has been diagnosed with an incurable neurodegenerative disorder, [...]
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General Audience: Pope explains the spiritual side of the 'Communion of Saints'

(romereports.com) During the Wednesday's General Audience, Pope Francis described the “Communion of Saints” as the charity that lives within Christians. Pope Francis said that charity is the Church's greatest treasure, adding that the Sacraments are needed to nurture that treasure. Through them, the Pope [...]
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Indulgences for the Year of Faith: how and why to gain them

In December 1931 St Josemaria wrote: “When a childlike soul presents before the Lord her desires for indulgences, she should feel sure that she will soon see those desires fulfilled: Jesus will sweep away from the soul the burden of her past failings; he will [...]
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How can we help the Church?

St Josemaria explains that when one of the baptized tries to be better, through the Communion of Saints he or she is doing good to the whole Church. Let's help the Church, let's serve the Church, let's love everyone, and then things will go well. And [...]
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Communion of Saints

What is the meaning of the “communion of saints”? This expression indicates first of all the common sharing of all the members of the Church in holy things (sancta): the faith, the sacraments, especially the Eucharist, the charisms, and the other spiritual gifts. This expression [...]
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