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Knowing when to keep silent and when to speak

Keep silent, and you will never regret it. Speak, and you often will. The Way, 639 Always remain silent when you feel the upsurge of indignation within you. And do so, even when you have good reason to be angry. For, in spite of your discretion, in such [...]
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A close-up portrait

What was St Josemaria Escriva like? A new book, Dios y Audacia (“God and Daring”) by Cardinal Julian Herranz, offers a fresh, close look at the man that many people call the “patron saint of ordinary life”, or the “patron saint of work”. Cardinal Herranz says, [...]
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The Pope tells youth not be intimidated by prevalent opinions

Benedict XVI told youths at Palm Sunday mass that God helps people overcome the intimidation caused by prevalent opinion and to make themselves available to all without receiving anything in exchange.
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