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A donkey was my throne

When the time for his Passion draws near and Jesus wants to illustrate his kingship in a very vivid way, he makes a triumphant entry into Jerusalem, mounted on a donkey! It had been written that the Messiah was to be a king of humility: [...]
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Francis Cardinal Arinze

"If any priest takes offense at this use of the figure of the donkey, then may I advise him to read the following remarks by Saint Josemaria Escriva: Jesus makes do with a poor animal for a throne. I don't know about you; but I am [...]
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The life of saint Josemaria for children

The life of St Josemaria for children Interview with the author: how this book was written Paulina Monckeberg, author and illustrator of the book Vida y venturas de un borrico de noria... y su relojerico (“Life and adventures of a water-wheel donkey... and his little watch-mender”) [...]
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Christmas carol: Little Donkey

From the DVD 'Christmas Voices', by Eremeran Hills Study Centre (Sydney, Australia) Download the carol “Continue thinking about the donkey’s good qualities and notice how in order to do anything worth while, it has to allow itself to be ruled by the will of whoever [...]
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The “theology of the donkey”

Try to remember what a donkey is like — now that so few of them are left. Not an old, stubborn, vicious one that would give you a kick when you least expected, but a young one with his ears up like antennae. He lives [...]
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Life and Adventures of a Water-Wheel Donkey… and His Little Watch-Mender

Vida y venturas de un borrico de noria… y su relojerico (“Life and Adventures of a Water-Wheel Donkey… and His Little Watch-Mender”). “The speaker is a Guardian Angel, just like the one you have. He’s called Little Watch-Mender, and he’s the Guardian Angel who looked after [...]
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