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Pope Francis explains the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity at his general audience

Video (Rome Reports). Pope Francis reflected on the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity during his general audience catechesis. Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox celebrate the event at the same time, from January 18th to 25th. The Pope proposed that "beginning from the baptism we all share [...]
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Pope reflects on his recent trip to Turkey

Video. (Rome Reports). During his weekly general audience, Pope Francis reflected on his recent three day trip to Turkey. He said, he hopes the apostolic visit will trigger a deeper relationship among Catholics, Orthodox Christians and Muslims. He also highlighted the declaration he signed with [...]
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Pope's trip to Turkey

Video. (Rome Reports). The Pope's three day trip to Turkey was relatively short, but intense. The Pope's call for unity between Catholics and Orthodox was a major theme, as well as the need to engage in dialogue with Islam. When addressing the rise and [...]
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Pope summarizes his trip to the Holy Land during General Audience

Video. (Rome Reports) During his weekly General Audience, Pope Francis recalled his apostolic visit to the Holy Land. He thanked the local authorities for their welcome, the Franciscans for their work in looking after the Holy Places, and he asked for prayers for peace. Talking about [...]
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Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew embrace, call for greater unity

Video. (Rome Reports) Pope Francis and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew embraced each other at the entrance to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. They walked into the basilica that encompasses the Calvary and the Tomb of Jesus. The two spiritual leaders of over 1.5 billion Christians [...]
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Week of Prayer for the Unity of Christians: What Can I Do?

The Church asks all Christians to pray more intensely during the Week of Prayer for the Unity of Christians, which lasts from January 18 to January 25, feast of the conversion of St Paul. With one Spirit Pray to God that in the Holy Church, our Mother, [...]
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The best thing Christians can do

September 23, 2011. (Romereports.com) Ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue have been key during the Pope's trip to Germany. The most symbolic moment was perhaps, his visit to the convent where Martin Luther, the leader of the Protestant Reform, lived from 1505 to 1511. Upon arriving, the Pope [...]
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Ecumenism: that we may all be one

Adress of Benedict XVI during the Apostolic Journey to Germany, on 2011 during an ECUMENICAL PRAYER SERVICE Church of the former Augustinian Convent, Erfurt Friday, 23 September 2011 (Video of Benedict XVI in Germany) Dear Sisters and Brothers, “I ask not only on behalf of these, but also on behalf [...]
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Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

The Church asks the faithful for more intense prayer for unity during the Week of Prayer for the Unity of Christians, from January 18 to 25, culminating on the feast of St Paul. 8 days = 8 prayers Please say a prayer each day for the following [...]
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The Cooperators of Opus Dei

Who are the Cooperators of Opus Dei? The cooperators of Opus Dei are people who are not members of the Opus Dei prelature, but who cooperate with the faithful of the prelature in various ways. Men and women of every race, religion and culture, from [...]
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