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The adventure of freedom

St Josemaria’s teachings on freedom, says Moira Walsh, show how freedom combines with responsibility, real love, and respect for others, in bringing up children, in politics, and in daily living.
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Why Opus Dei makes me a better mum

Setting off on a six-hour round trip to Paris for an hour-long talk and straight back again to our then remote home in Normandy, will give you an idea of how impressed I am with what Opus Dei has to offer. Far greater tales of [...]
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There is life beyond retirement

“Some people retire and go off to Benidorm or Marbella. When we retired, we got the chance to move to Congo,” says Ines. She and her husband and Ramon, both doctors, are parents of 10 children. Ines and Ramon don’t consider themselves heroic. The heroes [...]
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Readers write

With the consent of the people who wrote them, we reproduce accounts of favours obtained through Saint Josemaría's intercession, and messages of gratitude for having learned about his holy life and teachings. If you wish to write your own account of help received etc., click [...]
Tags: Suffering, Sickness, Work, Devotion, prayer-card, family, novena

An ordinary man with an extraordinary challenge

Nicole Joseph Dookie was born in Trinidad, in a Christian family. Moved by the example of her husband, Jerome Dookie, she was received into the Catholic Church in March 2002, and joined Opus Dei as a Supernumerary in October that same year. At about that [...]
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Within the family, a joy shared is a joy doubled, a trouble shared is a trouble halved

Rafael Pich*, father of 16 children, engineer and entrepreneur, is a founding member of the Fondation Internationale de la Famille and vice-chairman of the International Federation for Family Development (IFFD), an NGO with consultative status at the UN. * He died a month after this interview [...]
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St Josemaria would often say: "When I think of Christian homes, I like to imagine them as being full of the light and joy that was found in the home of the Holy Family." We offer some texts to meditate on marital love. It is a [...]
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Living out my faith in my work

My life would be meaningless without singing. This art is a gift that enables me to give unique expression to love, goodness, patriotism, and my innermost feelings at their very highest and most unselfish level. What I most enjoy is giving enjoyment to others. Many years [...]
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I discovered the “Adventure of the Family”

I met the Work in 1981 through Julia, who was then my fiancée. Up until then I had a purely naturalistic concept of what a family was. It had never crossed my mind that I could form one – I couldn’t square the idea of [...]
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