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Roland Joffe, There Be Dragons

Interview With Roland Joffe. Rome
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The Redeeming Value of Forgiveness

By DR. Bernardo M. Villegas published in Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation MANILA, Philippines — Movie goers of the sixties and seventies in the last century were captivated by the big-screen, spectacular photography of the late director David Lean. My own generation relished such blockbusters as The Bridge [...]
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Encountering Dragons

MANILA, Philippines — "There Be Dragons” were words written on ancient maps on territories unknown to the cartographers. They were warning of possible dangers. A very apt title for a Hollywood film that will soon be shown in several theaters in Manila and in other [...]
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Dragons Can Change Lives

When you step inside a movie theater, you never know what’s going to happen… there in the dark, for an hour or two. A movie is a powerful thing, and There Be Dragons has already demonstrated the power to change the lives not only of [...]
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Was the fight in the seminary a historical fact?

Joffé took a historical event as the base for the contrasting figures of Josemaria and Manolo. The movie shows that both started from the same point, and then used their freedom to build their lives in different ways, working out their personal fight against their inner [...]
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Even Saints Have a Past

Roland Joffé, the director of Mission, returns to a Catholic subject with a movie that features Saint Josemaría Escrivá, founder of Opus Dei, and themes of war, love and forgiveness by Austen Ivereigh Source: St Anthony Messenger “I THINK you have mountains to climb,” a girl [...]
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I went to see There Be Dragons with some friends the other day. We couldn’t work out who Aline (the red-haired girl) was meant to be– an angel? The Virgin Mary? Or who?

In an interview Roland Joffe, the film’s director, he said that in the film there’s a moment when Josemaria seems to lose faith, when God seems silent amidst all the hatred. At that point he meets a girl in Dr Suils’ asylum who says to [...]
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Former spokesperson for JPII, invests in Hollywood

Joaquin Navarro Valls, former spokesperson under John Paul II, is finding success in Hollywood. In 2005 he worked in an Italian-American production on Karol Wojtyla. Five years later he invested in the film "There be Dragons." It's a movie about the founder of Opus Dei. [...]
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Movie 'There Be Dragons' changes the life of actor Wes Bentley

"There Be Dragons," the historical epic written and directed by Roland Joffé which is in theaters since May, has already had a profound impact on some people, including actor Wes Bentley ("American Beauty," "The Four Feathers."). To read more, click on this this link or copy [...]
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In the footsteps of a Saint

Catholic actor Charlie Cox is making waves across the Atlantic – and he’s about to hit the cinemas in his native UK playing a saint in a new movie. FAITH TODAY went to meet him. How does it feel to be a saint? That’s something no-one [...]
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