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Anniversary of St Josemaria’s ordination to the priesthood

On Wednesday, January 9, 1918, Josemaría turned sixteen. The city of Logroño lay peaceful under a heavy snowfall. The temperature hovered around zero degrees Fahrenheit. No one went out unless they absolutely had to. José had found work in Logroño as a sales clerk in [...]
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Footprints in the Snow

One winter's day Josemaria went out early and saw some bare footprints in the snow. A friar was walking barefoot to offer a sacrifice to God.
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The best thing that ever happened to me

How did you hear of St Josemaria? When I was little, we used to say family prayers together every evening. Each child would tell our Lord about something that had happened that day, and then we’d sing or say some Hail Marys. Finally, one of [...]
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Life of St Josemaria Escriva

The first years, family, vocation and the founding of Opus Dei
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Commemorative plaques of St Josemaría in Logroño

The town of Logroño, Spain, has recently put up two plaques to commemorate the years that St Josemaría lived there. The Founder of Opus Dei was born in Barbastro, Huesca Province, in 1902, but in 1915 the Escrivá family moved to Logroño where his father, [...]
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The Life of Saint Josemaria

Barbastro is a city in the province of Huesca in Spain. Josemaria Escriva was born there at 10 o’clock at night on January 9, 1902 in a house on the corner of the main street and the market-place. Four days later, little Josemaria was baptized [...]
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Footprints in the Snow

It may seem surprising that a little thing like some footprints in the snow was enough to make a teenager take the great decision to give his life to God. But that is the language God often uses to call people, and that is how [...]
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Prehistory of the founding of Opus Dei (1917-1928)

Opus Dei was founded by Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer on October 2, 1928. At that point he was a 26-year-old priest. Up till that moment, there is no history of Opus Dei as such. There was a prehistory, which was the story of its Founder’s [...]
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