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St. Josemaria Understands You're Human

Video. Annamaria, a nursing student from California, USA, explains why she wants to be a nurse and how reading St. Josemaria's books, especially The Way, Furrow and The Forge, has helped her overcome discouragement in her daily life.
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General Audience, 31 March 2010

Dear Brothers and Sisters, I am pleased to welcome all the English-speaking visitors present at today's Audience, especially those from England, Japan, Canada and the United States. I also greet the various student groups present, including those taking part in the annual "Univ Congress". Upon all [...]
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"Don't forget..."

Far away on the horizon heaven seems to meet the earth. Do not forget that where heaven and earth really meet is in your heart of a child of God. Furrow, 309 By calling you to be an apostle, our Lord has reminded you, so that you [...]
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10 Tips For Getting Peace

1 Holy Mary is the Queen of peace, and thus the Church invokes her. So when your soul or your family are troubled, or things go wrong at work, in society or between nations, cry out to her without ceasing. Call to her by this [...]
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St Josemaria on the blogosphere

In his book Furrow, at no. 263, St Josemaria provides a hard-hitting examination of conscience on humility, which has been taken up by bloggers and is arousing considerable comment. "Once you think you have me you've lost me what am I" St Josemaria’s typically mild introduction [...]
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In a note to a 1950 edition of The Way, Saint Josemaría promised readers a new book —Furrow—soon to be published. The material was written and organized into chapter headings; only the numbering of the points of meditation and a stylistic revision remained. However, it [...]
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