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The Eucharist, mystery of faith and love

Download "he Eucharist, mystery of faith and love", the homily given by St Josemaria Escriva for Holy Thursday from the book Christ is Passing By in pdf format. "Now before the feast of the Passover, when Jesus knew that his hour had come to depart [...]
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How can I receive Jesus well in Holy Communion?

“Dear friends, we won’t ever thank the Lord enough for the gift he has given us in the Eucharist! It is a very great gift and that is why it is so important to go to Mass on Sunday. Go to Mass not just to [...]
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Jerusalem: the Holy Sepulcher

In the Footprints of our Faith As evening drew on, because it was the day before the Sabbath, a man called Joseph came (Mk 15:42-43). He was a rich man from Arimathea (Matt 27:57), a good and just man, a member of the Sanhedrim, who did [...]
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Love with works

On that 16th of February, 1932, while giving Holy Communion to the nuns at Santa Isabel, St Josemaria addressed Jesus in his heart and, without external words, told Jesus what he so often said to him, both day and night: “‘I love you more than [...]
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The Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus

Don't be afraid to call our Lord by his name — Jesus — and to tell him that you love him. The Way, 303 If we love Christ, if we follow him sincerely, if we stop seeking ourselves and seek him alone, then in his name we [...]
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The meaning of Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is a Christian tradition that exemplifies the birth of Jesus as the light that fills the world.
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Pope Francis brings 'Year of Faith' to a close

Pope Francis closed the Year of Faith talking about the forgiveness at the Mass celebration in St. Peter’s Basilica. He also venerated the relics of St. Peter which were found during the excavations which took place in the years following the death in 1939 of [...]
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How did Jesus talk to his disciples?

A student asked St Josemaria how Jesus talked to his disciples. He answered, "As I may talk to you, but much more lovingly than me, even though I love you very much."
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Pope Francis: 'If a Church no longer carries Jesus, then that is dead Church!'

October 23, 2013 (Romereports.com) More than 85,000 thousand people packed St. Peter's Square for the Pope's General Audience. To accommodate such a large number of pilgrims organizers closed of neighboring Pius XII Square. For about 45 minutes, the Pope rode around the [...]
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General Audience, 20 April 2011

I address a warm welcome to the Italian-speaking pilgrims. I greet in particular those participating in the international UNIV meeting, sponsored by the Prelature of Opus Dei. Dear friends, I hope that these days in Rome will be an opportunity for all of you to [...]
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