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Building the Future

Looking at things from saint Josemaria’s point of view, if he were asked what youth is, or better still, what it should be, he would certainly answer that youth is the time for discovering and freely affirming the meaning of one’s existence; a time for [...]
Tags: Joy, culture, Youth, Vocation

An Italian song that St Josemaria loved

Aprite le finestre - 'Open the Windows', an Italian song that St Josemaria wanted people to sing to him as he was dying. The following is the account of this episode as given by Pilar Urbano in her biography of St Josemaria, 'El Hombre de [...]
Tags: Joy, Death, Get-together

The Teachings of Josemaría Escrivá in an African Context

Margaret Atieno Ogola is the celebrated Kenyan author of the novel The River and the Source, and its sequel, I Swear by Apollo. The River and the Source follows four generations of Kenyan women in a rapidly changing country and society. The book has been [...]
Tags: Joy, Family and work

Saint Josemaria speaks to doctors and nurses

When Saint Josemaria talked with healthcare professionals, he always expressed appreciation for their work, and encouraged them to improve their professional training so as to be able to serve their patients more effectively. The following is a selection of quotations from Saint Josemaria, founder of [...]
Tags: Joy, Charity, Spiritual guidance, Sickness, Priesthood

The joy of being with the Founder of Opus Dei

The joy of Saint Josemaria and the other members of the Work also impressed me deeply from the time of my first contact with Opus Dei. What I saw was not something merely natural. Saint Josemaria had written, “The cheerfulness you should have is not [...]
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The Youthful Spirit of a Saint

There are many things that could be called characteristic features of a saint, because although the saints canonized by the Church are almost infinitely varied, they all have certain things in common. The feature I want to look at today is their being young at [...]
Tags: Joy, Love of God, Generosity, Youth, Optimism, Vocation