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Masses in honor of Saint Josemaria

This year you can visit the Opus Dei website relevant to your country to get information on masses being celebrated for Saint Josemaria's feast day.
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Inspired to Love

This documentary tells the story of St Josemaria, the “saint of the ordinary” and the founder of Opus Dei, and how his message has inspired people of all walks of life to find meaning in their everyday activities, seeing them as a way of serving [...]
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The Church is Like a Basketball Team?

We offer some excerpts of the homily of Bishop Francisco de Leon, Manila (Philipines), on the liturgical feast day of St. Josemaria Escriva. Read the completed text. All are Called to Holiness I use this analogy of a basketball team for the Church. The Church has members with [...]
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Feast of St Josemaria in Greece

June 27, 2015, the Mass for the feast of St Josemaria was celebrated for the first time in Greece, in St Paul’s Church, Kokinakki Street, Athens. Fr Alberto Paima, the Argentinian-born parish priest, was joined in the concelebrated Mass by Don Carlo Pioppi, who came over [...]
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Photo gallery

June 26, 2015 Around the World

Here are a few photos of the Masses celebrated in honour of Saint Josemaria, on dates close to June 26th. The photos come from different countries where the saint of ordinary life is celebrated.
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St. Josemaria Taught Me How to Work with Love

In 1965, Ana Lorente came to Rome to work, at St. Josemaria's request. A nurse by profession, she also specializes in photography. For 10 years she took photos of various activities, encounters and large get-togethers that St. Josemaria had during that time. On June [...]
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St. Josemaria's Impact

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of St. Josemaria's death (June 26th, 1975 - June 26th, 2015) Testimonies from around the world showing the ways in which different people have been inspired to take their Christian faith seriously, thanks to St. Josemaria.
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St. Josemaria at Work before Sunrise

Since 2012, the Mass of St. Josemaría Escrivá has been an annual event at Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in V&G Subdivision, Tacloban City, Philippines. In the days leading up to the mass, the parish also has the custom of praying a novena to St. [...]
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Chinasa, Nigeria

Chinasa is currently living with her husband and two lovely children in Lagos, Nigeria. She is a Cooperator of Opus Dei and she works in a Bank as the Head of the Team of Banking Assistants. What is the meaning of life for you? For me, [...]
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Thomas, USA

Thomas, 21, lives in Tampa, Florida. He is studying history and literature at Harvard and this year is working for a Real Estate firm. “God keeps me grounded.” What is the meaning of life for you? To enrich the world around me and to leave the world [...]
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