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Pope Francis: Human justice only limits evil, divine justice overcomes it

At the general audience, Pope Francis explained that God is infinite mercy and perfect justice, two realities that would seem in opposition. He said that God's mercy is what makes true justice happen. He then reflected on the differences between human and divine justice. POPE FRANCIS "The [...]
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We read in St Luke’s Gospel (9:59-61): “To another he said, ‘Follow me.’ But he said, ‘Lord, let me first go and bury my father.’ But he said to him, ‘Leave the dead to bury their own dead; but as for you, go and proclaim [...]
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St. Josemaría, a Teacher of Forgiveness (Part 2)

This study published in no. 53 of of the journal Romana, it focuses on some aspects of St. Josemaría’s teachings on forgiveness and their relevance in fostering a peaceful co-existence. In the first part of this study we discussed St. Josemaría’s teaching about forgiveness, its [...]
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Pope Francis to Angelus: If each person accumulates wealth for himself, there will never be justice

Despite the rain, thousands of pilgrims gathered at St. Peter's Square to listen to the Pope's Angelus message on Sunday morning. He talked about the Gospel reading of the day, and asked Christians not to be too concerned about material wealth because "there are no pockets [...]
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Pope to recovering addicts: Take control of your life. It's difficult, but possible. The Church is with you

(Romereports.com)Pope Francis visited a Brazilian hospital that helps recovering drug addicts in the city of Rio. After greeting the crowds outside the St. Francis of Assisi hospital, the Pope gave a speech where he denounced drug-trafficking and the so called 'dealers of death.' He [...]
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Shout for Freedom!

Below are some paragraphs from an article by Msgr. Mariano Fazio published in the newspaper El Liberal in Santiago de Estero, Argentina. Taking up some things that St Josemaria said, Msgr. Fazio encourages Christians to treasure freedom and to find ways of inspiring others in [...]
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How can we help our children love to work?

Video. Material progress has also created a sense of being well off. How can we help our children love to work? Clips from a filmed gathering with St Josemaria Escriva during his catechetical journey to Venezuela, in February 1975.
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Fill this Land with Love

Video. "God will help us to be saints by working at our jobs out of a sense of justice. Not just fulfulling the duties of justice but those of charity too, which means putting our hearts into things."
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Benedict XVI , Angelus, 21.03.2010

In his Angelus prayer, the pope asked Catholics to be understanding of people but not solely of their sins. He urged people to follow Jesus example, who condemned sin but didnt condemn the sinner. After the Angelus prayer, the Pope recalled how next Sunday, Palm [...]
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Dont be satisfied with justice alone

Charity goes beyond justice
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